Richard Stagno Navarra

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Richard Stagno Navarra (1944 - 2010) was a radio and television newscaster.

Stagno-Navarra, who was well known for his love for sports, was popularly known as 'Dickie'.

Richard was one of the first broadcasters on Television Malta and in the 1970’s established himself as one of the leading newscaster on both television and radio. Richard held the post of Communications Officer at the British High Commission for a number of years. Later in life he devoted himself to teaching English and History, ending his working career at St Edward’s College.


Richard started his career as a Referee in August 1961 and was one of the youngest Maltese officials to be nominated and accepted on the FIFA Panel in July 1969. He was on his way to establish himself as one of the foremost officials on the island, when his career was cut short due to an injury. This did not deter Richard in any way; he strived to become one of the leading administrators in the local football scene.

He held very important posts within the Malta Football Association; to mention but a few he was General Manager at the National Stadium and held the post of Public Relations Officer. Of late, Richard occupied esteemed posts within the Malta F A as a Referees Instructor and Referees Match Observer. He was also a member on the Referees Board often writing in the local press with updates on the Laws of The Game. His last contribution was published in The Times on the 6th June 2010.

He occupied the post of general secretary within the Malta Football Referees Association and was also a member of the Malta Football Association Referees Board, carrying out the duties of match inspector in the local Premier League on occasions.

Stagno Navarra, so synonymous with the game, he attended the annual general meeting of the Malta Football Referees Association at Qormi where new officials were elected. He felt unwell at the end of the meeting and died in hospital a few hours later, on 19 June 2010 at the age of 66 with funeral held at the Balzan parish church.