Ramon Psaila tal-Għasli

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Ramon Psaila tal-Għasli, also known as Ir-Ruman taż-Żejtun

Ramon Psaila tal-Għasli.

is an improvised verse folk singer. He was born on the 27th September 1965 and hails from Żejtun.

He carries his maternal family nickname Tal-Għasli, from the Misraħ Il-Bjar in the lower part of town in Żejtun. The family were bakers, operating from within the households and supplying a substantial area of the town with their daily bread.

Psaila grew up in an għana environment, through the għana tal-banju sung by his mother Katarin and her own mother Mari tal-Għasli. He recalls exchanging verses with his mother, when still as an eight-year-old.

                    Issa ż-żmien qed jagħmel tiegħu
                    Lejn wiċċek tħares fil-mera
                    Rasek baxxutha fuq il-banju
                    Ommi ma, kemm inti kerha.

And she replied:

                    Tajjeb lilek qed nisimgħek
                    Il-kliem mhux immerih
                    Ħalli jiena nkun kerha
                    L-aqwa li ġibt lilek sabiħ.

The wine shop that he used to call at, simply to listen to folk music, was Ġolin Axisa Ta' Kostanza's, at a time when this outlet was frequented by Pawlu Seychell l-Għannej and Żaren Mifsud ta' Vestru.

His favourite folksinger is Frans Baldacchino l-Budaj, for his able use of metaphors, careful usage of words and the qualities which he likes. Psaila is also keen on the high-pitched model, għana fil-għoli, mostly since the lyrical content is complimentary and the guitar music more harmonious than in improvised verse.

He is related to several folksingers through his paternal Bużakkar family, namely Fredu Abela ż-Żejtuni,Anġlu Chetcuti s-Sabu and Fredu Psaila t-Tiġieġu. In Għanafest 2013 he folk sang with Raymond Buttigieg Il-Basli, Raymond Laferla Ir-Ruman and Karmenu Borg Ġannarija. Psaila is active on the local circuit.

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