Nicol Caruana

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Nicol (Nicholas) Caruana is a Maltese community entertainer and community worker in Melbourne, Australia.

Nicol was born in Floriana, Malta on June 4, 1933. In November 1964 he migrated to Australia with his wife Iris and their 4 children. He became involved with the committee of the Newport Maltese Association and is still an active member.


The Caruana family has been entertaining the Maltese community at the Maltese Centre in Melbourne for years, fronted by Nicol. It is not surprising that three of Nicol's children went on to become career musicians - Danielle Caruana better known as Mama Kin, Nicky Bomba and Michael Caruana.

In 2007, Nicol recorded an album of Maltese songs, Nicol Caruana, with his son, musician Nicky Bomba.


Interview with Nicol Caruana.