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Mistura as a duo

Mistura started as a Maltese duo with original music that has elements of blues and rock, both electric and acoustic. It first appeared in 2012.

Antonio Olivari and Malcolm Bonnici are the founding members of this band, and since 2015 Matthew Agius on bass and Mark Andrew Azzopardi on drums have had a more active role in performing live and working together on new material as a fully-fledged electric rock band. The band is also sometimes accompanied live by a variety of other musicians including Francesco Sultana on drums and cajón (2012-2014), Martina Aquilina on piano and by Janice Debattista, Nathalie Pace and Cheryl Camilleri on backing vocals. This is not the first collaboration for Antonio and Malcolm as they have previously worked on other concerts and bands including Akustika, Strummin’ and Symphonik.

Their public debut was at the 36th edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu with the song Isma' Bilfors where they were awarded the WAFA Best New Talent award at this contest. Since then, Mistura has played at many venues, including Għanafest, Notte Bianca, Poeżija Plus, The Farsons Great Beer Festival, the University of Malta Evenings on Campus, Teatru Unplugged, Kotra and released their first album called 'U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur'. This album contains 16 original tracks entirely in Maltese and is a rock concept album divided into four sections of four songs each. It was launched on 10th October 2014 during a special edition of the ROCKNA radio show on Radio 101 presented by Michael Bugeja. Mistura also feature on the ROCKNA Live & Unplugged compilation and are currently working on new material. In May 2016 they also issued a live album called 'U l-Kotra Għajtet f’Daqqa', which is a recording of their live performance during the second edition of the 'Kotra' festival held at Razzett l-Aħmar, limits of Mosta.

The name of the band is a play on the three meanings that the word has in Maltese: (1) derived from the Italian word for mixture 'misto', (2) liquid medicine, and (3) hidden / mysterious.

They cite the following Maltese artists among their influences: Walter Micallef, Brown Rice, Xtruppaw, and Brikkuni.

Mistura sing entirely in Maltese.


  • U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur (2014)
  • U l-Kotra Għajtet f'Daqqa - Mistura Lajv waqt Kotra 2016 (2016)

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