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Miriam Spiteri (10 December 1958 - 14 July 2011) was a Maltese rock singer, who was most active in the 1980s.

Childhood and Teenage Years

She was born in Għaxaq and as a child, she took part in Zecchino D'Oro.

When Miriam was in her teens she and her twin brother Ray had a band that played at weddings an in some local pubs.

The Rock Years

Miriam with Overdose

In 1982, at 23, she started singing with the band VHF, after she was introduced to them by radio DJ Eric Montfort who was a mutual acquaintance.

Later that year she became the lead singer with the metal band Overdose and became one of the most sought after rock performers in the Maltese islands during this time. By 1984 she left Overdose and had a break from singing to focus on her children Michael (born 14 March 1984) and daughter Stephanie (born 1985).

Between having the children, in 1984, she fell from a height of four-stories and broke her spine.

She returned on the music scene briefly in 1988 with the band The Flies, playing a live set at MaltaSajf. She never sang in public again after this.