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Mikaela Attard (born 8 May 1993) is a singer-songwriter from Qormi, Malta.

Her career saw its start at an early age of 8 where after she showed great interest in singing, she started taking vocal and piano classes, triggering appearances in local song contests and auditions for musicals at first then for her own performing career. At 11, she won the Pop Idol UK auditions opened for all local Maltese artists, where the judging panel included voice coaches CeCe Sammy, John Mody and Joshua Alamu, who along with two other members from Germany. She flew to London to record original material at Sarm Studios West, where her first ever single 'Heart Still Feels the Same' was produced, and a few months later launched in Monte Casino, South Africa, following a launch at Radisson, Malta. She was also invited to perform in Johannesburg in the World Song Contest and other functions.

After this she traveled to Italy for several gigs and to work on another original track, this time in Italian 'Nel Cuore Della Gente'. She was invited back in Naples after she won a local contest the year after.

In 2009 Mikaela completed a full vocal course in London at the LMS, performed live in a few venues and bars around London and recorded at Sarm Studios East for other recording sessions.

She formed her first band with Nick Morales (guitar) and Alan Portelli (bass) and Benji Cachia (drums) with which she played a few gigs around. There has been several changes in the line up and recently, she is performing unplugged sessions and electric gigs with her new band members at several music venues around. The singer, who is instantly recognizable from her fire engine red long straight hair, is also frequently seen playing keyboards or guitar. Aide from playing Mikaela's original compositions, they also play songs from their favorite bands within their set. Mikaela also performed with Xirka Rock Band at their concert earlier in 2011 at Buskett Roadhouse and later in the Rockestra event with the same band.

Her first EP back in late 2009 was formed with Steven Mesropian and produced and mastered by David Vella at Temple Studios, from which she released her first single 'Away He Goes'. The track received heavy airplay on local radio stations and made it to top positions on local charts, preparing the way for her next single, 'Condescending', which was also featured regularly on several radio station playlists in Malta in the spring of 2010. Condescending was played during Toni Sant's Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast number 212 on Saturday 15 May 2010. The song was pitched in American Music libraries and recently chosen for a series on Bravo Network. Further recording sessions took place late the previous summer to get the hooky track 'Call Me' done and ready to be released shortly afterwards. On Sunday 7 November 2010 her single Call Me appeared on MySpace and was released to local radio stations on the following day. It was featured on Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast number 234 on Saturday 13 November 2010. The song was co-written with Lincoln Spiteri and Jotham Saliba from Scream Daisy. 'Call Me' topped the list for local charts quite a few times, leading the way for another single in summer 2011, 'Hear Me Out', which was also pitched in libraries and chosen for a series on MTV.

Mikaela was nominated for Best New Artist and Best Female Artist in the Malta Music Awards 2010 and eventually managed to achieve a satisfactory appearance at the event where she was awarded as the Best New Artist.

In the summer of 2011 she attended a program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she won, amongst a few other artists, the singer-songwriter showcase, having gigs at Cafe 939 and other venues around the area.

Mikaela will be performing at the Malta Music Awards this year.

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