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Memento Nostri started as a project between Alexia and Mark, experimenting with various styles of melodic metal. After working with a number of different people, Alexia then came up with the idea of writing a concept album based on the 1565 Great Siege of Malta. The line-up eventually settled with Michael and Charlie on vocals and bass. The members made vast research into the siege, drawn ever more into the compelling epic history of their motherland. At times, while poring over old texts and paintings at the National Library, the band felt they where transported back to the 16th Century and tried hard to envisage what our forefathers had to endure. Enthralled by the courage of a few thousands against 'the mightiest Armada ever assembled' by the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, the band set feverishly to work on this original project. While keeping traditional metal roots but adding more ambience, Memento Nostri are aspiring to create a melodic, immaginative, lyrical and romantic medieval folkloristic masterpiece.

In August 2006, after much hard work, the band launched their first single to much critical acclaim. To Memento Nostri's extreme pleasure 'Decimation at the Gates - The Battle of Santa Margerita' was not only appreciated by the Metal community but the rich orchestrations appealed to a much wider audience. Encouraged by these comments the band wanted to get quickly to work on more material but most of the band's equipment was stolen shortly after the release of the track halting their progress. Raphael joined the band on guitars soon after rehearsals could be restarted but serious illness for Charlie forced him to leave the band twice. While the band looked for a replacement, Jade joined the band on keyboards but as soon as the momentum was once again picking up power problems in the rehearsal room stopped the work again. Just as power was restored the band where dealt a devastating blow. On the 6th November 2008 Jade tragically passed away at a very tender age. While still attempting to recover from this enourmous shock there followed the rapid deterioration of Mark's health which also ended up in his hospitalisation in critical condition.

After the recordings were done, Raphael moved to the UK to further his studies. We wish him luck in his new venture. Mike has picked up his axe and is shredding the riffs in his place. Charlie is also not part of the band anymore. We thank him for his contribution. Rex has taken his place on bass.

Memento Nostri will launch their promo album “Pro Patria” at Montekristo Estates on the 21st of August in an event which will also see the official launch of the band and the video of the title track. The concert will be preceded by a number of themed events and all proceeds from the event will go towards “Puttinu Cares”.

Memento Nostri are managed by Alan Fenech and sponsored by: - Bidnija Horse Riding - Selmun Palace Hotel - Montekristo Estates - Junction Spot - Louie Noir - Gorygoth.com - Pearl Works

Official website is at http://www.mementonostri.com - contains some info about former members.