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Mario Laus

Mario Laus was born in San Ġiljan on 8th October 1947.

The youngest of six children of Paul and Ines Laus. He attended school at St. Joseph Secondary, Paola until he qualified for his GCE's examinations. He later attended the school craft at il-Marsa where he took a course of electrician.

Music was always at heart, since Mario was still very young. He was a regular listener of Victor Aquilina on Rediffusion and also some foreign radio stations.

He took part in the programme Uri Ħiltek conducted by Charles Abela Mizzi, and he won three times when answering questions related to music and sport.

Mario was also a part of a panel during the weekly programme Diski Fil-Vetrina (Record Shop Window) as an editor of the Music and Variety pages of l-Orizzont. This programme was also called by some as Hit Or Miss.

He started writing about singers and music in general in 1967 and was the editor of two Music and Variety pages of l-Orizzont for 20 years. Mario used to write about Maltese singers and groups plus news of foreign singers. International artists were prominent on Mario's history of Pop music in the sixties. Later he started broadcasting the story of Music of the 60's on Radju Malta in April 1973, only three months after officially started transmitting on 93.7FM.

Indeed, Mario was the first disc jockey in Malta who presented musical programmes of music of the past. He also introduced the top 20 in Malta – L-Aqwa 20 F'Malta. In 1975 Bimbo Jet released their hit single Bimbo Jet and Mario was nicknamed il-BIMBO after playing this record so many times!

Among other programmes Mario presented Nagħżel Jien, L-Aqwa 20 F'Malta, Il-Mużika Pop fis-snin sittin, the famous Antik vs Modern with Anna Bonett, Antenna, Żminijiet Oħra, Rokna tal-Fabbriki and Mużika u Sport amongst others.

Mario had another brother as a popular disc jockey. The late Vince Laus was an expert on country music and besides having Country music on One Radio and One TV, he formed in Malta The Country Music Appreciation Society.

Throughout his career, Mario had occasions to meet popular singers such as Orietta Berti, Pupo, Toto Cutugno, Shakin' Stevens, Liquid Gold, Toto Coelo and Gilda Guliani. Mario's favourites were always The Beatles, Gene Pitney and Simon And Garfunkel.

Mario Laus in Radio Malta Studios

Although time changes and even today's technology is much easier than the old times, Mario still remembers and prefers the old times when records used to be plugged on air on vinyl and turntables.

Occasionally, Mario is invited on various TV stations but he always preferred presenting on the Radio. In April 2013, Mario celebrated his 40 years of broadcasting on Radju Malta only.

Mario's motto is to make people happy with a joke or two nut mainly by presenting radio programmes with music of the past.

Apart from music. Mario is a great supporter of Italian football team Juventus. He also likes travelling, reading and walking.

He has a son Simon Paul which he named after Paul Simon of Simon & Garfunkel, and a daughter called Melanie after the seventies international singer Melanie Safka. Before he retired on pension. Mario was a Customs Officer, although he always presented his musical programmes with great dedication.

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