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Sound engineer Manolito Galea has always been recognized as being in the forefront when it comes to live recording or live sound engineering. He offers his services to local composers and artists like Ruben Zahra whose compositions involve live musicians, playing contemporary music on traditional Maltese instruments and Renzo Spiteri a renowned percussionist. Amongst other projects, Manolito together with Dominic Galea has produced ‘Tribute’ which is a swing compilation and the ‘Mnajdra Jazz Suite’, with Wayne Naus from Berkley College of Music, as guest artist. A further production is the ‘MISSA, pro populo honorem Beati Georgu Preca u innijiet ohra’ by the Collegium Musicum Choir, composed by Mro Dion Buhagiar, in honour of the pope’s 2001 visit to Malta. Other classical productions include the works of Mro. Vincenzo Bugeja. Manolito also collaborates regularly with foreign artists and studios from Brussels, America and Britain.

Manolito’s knowledge of music and training in the London West End has helped him develop a keen ear for different sounds and instruments, which is clearly evident when it comes to live sound engineering. He regularly mixes live full orchestras for shows and world renowned, live, musicals amongst which "Les Miserable in Concert", "Evita" and "Jesus Christ Super Star", staged in Malta. Besides theatre companies Manolito regularly works with local dance companies both in studio editing and sound for the stage productions. Manolito also has a vast experience in broadcast with local TV productions like ‘Xarabank’ and ‘Kollox Sibt’ as well as the Malta Song for Europe.

Manolito shows great pride in his work as a sound engineer both in the studio and live performances. Lito’s Place boasts a state of the art recording studio and excellent sound equipment, which comes together thanks to Manolito’s talent, to create harmony between sound and music.

Specialties in various genres of music ranging between classical, jazz and contemporary artists.




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