Malta To Midem CD 2011

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The following Maltese Bands and Solo Artists have successfully being placed for the Malta to Midem World Music Industry Trade Fair 2011, by featuring on Aiming 4 Fame Malta to Midem CD 2011:

Malta To Midem CD 2011 poster

Through self belief, focus, committment and hard work and through the love of their own music and performance, positively using the platform of Aiming 4 Fame are to be introduced thru T G Publishing Lotte Aagaard, Music Industry Contacts who will be at Midem 2011, to the World Wide Music Industry have now being selected to be on the first ever Malta to Midem CD 2011, where their music will be introduced to CEO's Of Major Labels and Publishers, MTV Game Producers, and also Licensing We Assist the Maltese Music Industry by organizing international trade show participation and presentations designed to increase the world wide awareness of Maltese Music.

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