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==External links==
==External links==
*[http://www.maltamedia.com/news/2005/oa/article_11538.shtml maltamedia.com]
*[http://www.maltamedia.com/news/2005/oa/article_11538.shtml maltamedia.com article 1]
*[http://www.maltamedia.com/news/2005/oa/article_12308.shtml maltamedia.com]
*[http://www.maltamedia.com/news/2005/oa/article_12308.shtml maltamedia.com article 2]
[[Category:A-Z of the Malta Music Scene]]
[[Category:A-Z of the Malta Music Scene]]

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Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 was the television show by which Malta selected its entry to the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest held in Bucahrest in Romania on 2 Dicember 2006.

This was Malta's forth entry to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Malta Junior Song for Europe 2006

Is the forth edition of the Malta Junior Song For Europe 2006 has been moved forward by one day. It will be held on Friday at the Opera House ruins in Valletta.

The Contest

114 entries were originally submitted for this year's Junior Malta Song for Europe Festival 2006 16 made it through to the finals.

The reported that the Festival was originally meant to be held on Saturday, 16th September. The winner will be decided through 80% of votes cast by the jury, 20% of viewers participation via televoting.

Finalist Song

Here are the 14 Songs featured in the final:-

Song Performers
My life Ismhael Grech
Enjoy the better things Maria Galdes & Ritianne Galdes
Everywhere I Go Kylie Coleiro
The Key Domenique Azzopardi
Play your violin Danica Muscat
Smile Again Ehren Fenech
Music For You And Me Kirstie Barbara
Wishes She2s
Dedication Francesca Zarb
My Love Christine Haber
Extra Cute Sophie Debattista
Turn On The Radio Vanessa Gatt
Stop Telling Me! Louanne Caruana
Save Rock'n' Roll Guess Who

Sophie Debattista will be representing Malta in the upcoming Junior Eurovision 2006 on 2nd December 2006, after winning the Malta Junior Song for Europe Festival on Friday night. The 12-year-old girl won over judges and audience performing the pop-rock song “Extra Cute”.

“Save Rock’n’ Roll” by Guess Who made it into the second place, while Kylie Coleiro’s “Everywhere I go” ranked third.

Sophie took part in the past Maltese selections for the Junior Eurovision before. In 2005, she sang “The magic window” with Yazmin Helledie. Sophie Debattista, also forms part of the Young Talent Team. The team had represented Malta in the Junior Eurovision in 2004.

Guest Performers

The festival will be aired live on TVM at 20.30 CEST on the same night. The presenters for the night are the youngsters Andre and Claire from the Masquerade Theatre School. Guests for the night include Thea and friends, last year's winner, College of Jazz, Paul Curmi Dancers, Bridget Gauci Borda Dancers and the William Dance Centre.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006

The upcoming Junior Eurovision Festival will be held on 2nd December 2006, in Bucharest Romania, on the 2 December 2006

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