Malta Hit Song Contest 2010

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The Final night of the 3rd Malta International Hit Song Festival will be held at the CNL Theatre (Ċentru Nazzjonali Laburista) in Ħamrun on the 30 April 2010 at 8.00pm.

The Malta Hit Song Festival is currently being aired as part of the Celebrity Sunday series every Sunday evening on One TV.

The festival will turn International during the 30th April Final night when twelve countries will be participating by sending some of their favourite singers to compete. The foreign singers together with the countries they represent are the following:

Foriegers Singers

Country Performers Songs Lyrics Music Placed Videos
Bulgaria Petar Ivanov Games With No Limit Miroslav Rus Vesela Malinova Miroslav Rus Vesela Malinova
Egypt El Sharkaway To Long For Emad Hassan El Sharkaway
Canay Islands Tina Riobo And I Am telling You I’m Not Going Tom Eyen Henry Krieger
Turkey Serap Yenici ASK Lazim Muge Baydel Tolga Gurdil
Lithuania Donata Bless Me D.Virbilaite D. Virbilaite
Macedonia Margarita Alone Melina Hristova Mehmed Manev
United Kingdom Ben Champion Remember (Gold Songs) David Stark Dark Stark
Ireland Edwin Williamson Bridge Over Troubled Water Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel
Italy Lina Capezza Fa Che Non Sia Mai Bungaro De Angelis Bungaro De Angelis
Cyorus Pavlos Polychronis I Angeli Fevgoune Antoniou Michalis Makria Michalis
Belarus Gunesh Ayrilig Separation Ali Salami Magammed Guseyn Ali Salami Magammed Guseyn
Romania Bianca Purcarea Away From You Catalin Dascalu Catalin Dascalu

The Maltese Finalists

Songs Performers Lyrics Music Placed Videos
Before You Leave Janice Mangion Mark Scicluna Mark Scicluna
Babysitter Isabelle Zammit Rita Pace Elton Zarb
Glamorous Daniel Muscat Rita Pace Rita Pace
Moon Flower Dario Mifsud Bonnici Alfred C.Sant Ray Agius
Save Me Grecia Bezzina Rita Pace Elton Zarb
Violet Skies Domenique Azzopardi Gerard James Borg Philip Vella
Poison Ivy Romina Mamo Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
Forgive Me Rita Pace Rita Pace Rita Pace
Whistle Blower Dominic Cini Clinton Paul Dominic Cini
Bella Donna ppAudrey Marie Bartolo]] Rita Pace David Pisani
Caruso Christian Azzopardi Clinton Paul Clinton Paul
Geography Marie Claire Attard Bason Rita Pace Elton Zarb
Feels So Impossible Floren Sultana Billy J. McBee Edward Ferry
Set The Night On Fire Corazon Mizzi Philip Vella Philip Vella
Take It Easy Amber Bondin Alfred C.Sant Ray Agius

Special International guest singers include FEMINEM who will be representing CROATIA during the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo in May. Also appearing as guests will be the UK group 'THE RIZING' and the winner of the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest Anne Marie Davidand last year's winner Neville Refalo.

The compares of the Festivals are Deo Grech and Julia Farrugia

On the 1st of May all the foreign artists will be performing during a special extravaganza cabaret dinner at The Grand Hotel Excelsior' International Star Night Show.

Norman Hamilton, Deo Grech, Ray Falzon, Robert Cefai, Simone Bugeja, Ignatius Farrugia and Anna Bonett from the organizing committee would like to thank the following sponsors who are making this unique show possible.

Hamilton Travel, Air Malta, Grand Hotel Excelsior, One TV, One Radio,, Garden of Eden and Ray Bezzina car hire, together with Bubbles Animation, amongst others.