Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015

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The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 is a television show taking place at the former Malta Shipbuilding in il-Marsa on 21 and 22 November 2015, produced by PBS.

This is an earlier date for the annual contest through which the song representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest is selected. Two reasons were given for the change in date. The first is that PBS wants to take advantage of the setup for the Junion Eurovision Song Contest 2014 which is taking place just days before this event, and the other is that an earlier selection gives the local producers more time to prepare the song for the pan-European contest in Malta, as well as a longer period over which to promote it.

The Rules

Songwriters for this contest can be of any nationality, however, singers have to be of Maltese nationality or hold dual citizenship.

Singers were allowed perform up to two songs for semi-final round of the competition, which will be comprise a total of 20 songs.

Firelight, the winners of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014, is not permitted to defend his title.

The winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will become Malta's entry to the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Vienna, Austria in May.

PBS reserves the right to make alterations to the song and select a different singer, if necessary, regardless of the winning song/singer.

The Event

The semifinal and final sessions will be broadcast live on TVM. The hosts are to be announced ? and to be confirmed ?. Someone still to be announced ? will be providing links from the Red Carpet and backstage.

Preliminary round

The Public Broadcasting Services received 134 entries for this contest. A preliminary selection round determined the 48 songs on 28 September 2014. 20 song will be performed at the semifinal of the 2015 edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. These were announced during a special edition of the popular TVM programm Xarabank on Friday 3 October 2014.


Three former Maltese Eurovision Song Contest entrants, Ludwig Galea (Istanbul 2004), Glen Vella (Dusseldorf 2011) and Gianluca Bezzina (Malmo 2013), are among the 20 semi-finalists out of the 48 short-listed entries in the preliminary round. The list also includes five newcomers to the contest: Karen Debattista, Iona Dalli, Minik, and Lyndsay Pace, and the nuns forming the ensemble Ekklesia.