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Welcome to M3P: the Malta Music Memory Project
a collaborative database of Maltese music and associated arts
currently holding 3,946 items with contributions from 12,895 registered users

The Malta Music Memory Project was launched during Notte Bianca: Lejl Imdawwal in Valletta, Malta on 25th September 2010, with an Inaugural Symposium and Networking Workshop at the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity. The launch events included an evening concert called You Rarely Hear This On the Radio! at Hastings Garden, overlooking Marsamxett Harbour. This was the first in a series of events planned by M3P, with assistance from the Malta Arts Fund of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts.

The M3P Inaugural Conference will take place at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta on 3-4 June 2011.

Getting started

If you would like to know how to get started contributing or editing the M3P database and website have a look at this basic step by step guide to getting started, or the M3P Quickies in PDF format for quick and easy step-by-step on how to start creating and editing pages on M3P.

We're still working on developing our simple help documentation even further for users of this website who want to collaborate on this project. Also check out the Editorial Policy for some practical content guidelines. Meanwhile, please feel free to explore and check back later if you still need guidance.

If you've already contributed something or other you'll find ideas about what to do next and details about what other contributing users are doing on the M3P Community Portal.

Sharing memories

The main goal of the M3P is to provide an inclusive repository for memories of Malta's music and associated arts, ensuring that these are kept in posterity for current and future generations.

On 28 June 2010 we started exploring the basic information architecture by developing entries related to Xtruppaw.

Initial text for a page about the project was entered on 13 August 2010.

Contribution from the scene started trickling in soon after that and we've also developed a page Exploring Music Genres as a checklist for potential music genres that may be applicable to Maltese Music. Another exploratory list relates to Digital Audio Distributors. Both pages are fully open for contributions from the M3P community.

  • Further updates and discussions on the back-end work can be found in the talk page for this Main Page, while some of the more transient work on the front end is listed least for now.

Community portal

There are now 12,895 M3P registered users contributing at various levels.

We're in the process of rethinking what should be on the Main Page. Regular contributions from the scene are handled through the M3P Community Portal.

Academic Research

Academic research is an essential dimension of this project. The collaborative partners on this aspect of M3P are from the University of Hull (led by Dr Toni Sant from the School of Arts & New Media and supported by researchers Alex Grech and Tony Grimaud) and the University of Malta (Dr Ing Saviour Zammit from the Dept. of Communications & Computer Engineering and Dr Albert Bell from Youth & Community Studies). We're also looking into a similar collaboration with Birmingham City University (where our lead contact is Dr Paul Long), particularly with a view to share good practice in community engagement with the Birmingham Popular Music Archives, founded by Jez Collins.

Toni Sant has written a position paper on the academic dimension of the project. This paper appears in the current issue of the Journal of Music, Technology & Education and it is also viewable in the M3P Reading Room.

The M3P Inaugural Conference is being planned to take place at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta on 3-4 June 2011. Support for this event is provided by the Malta Arts Fund of the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts and the Strategic Research Support Fund of the University of Hull's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.