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The annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll aims to establish the top favourite releases of the year among the weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast listeners.


A list of music from Maltese recording artists released in 2017 was compiled by Toni Sant for his twelfth annual MMI Listeners' Picks poll. This is not a fully comprehensive list of 2017 releases; Toni Sant has always maintained, through his podcast and blog, that he is somewhat selective - but the scope has always been to include as many titles as possible at the nomination stage.


Here is the list of nominations for 2017. Please feel free to make any suggestions or corrections you see fit through the talk page. [M3P Registration/login required]

Click on the link to the right to view/hide the full sortable list of nominees for 2017:
215Collective Feel About It Online
4 Chords Mash-Up Million Reasons Online
A Broken Design Halo of Flies EP
Aaron the Baron + Clifford Borg Simplicity in a Kiss Online
Aidan Cassar Drums Video [non-Maltese language]
Aleandro Pace Tahir Iffriżajt Online
Align the Tide Dead Religion Album
Amber No Neverland Video [non-Maltese language]
Andi Leave Video [non-Maltese language]
Andre Camilleri Fade Away Overseas
Anidroc Other Side of Town Video [non-Maltese language]
Antonio Olivari Id-Dinja Li Naf Jien Online
Ascendor Disturb the Dust Album
Auntie's Yellow Sofa Shadows Video [non-Maltese language]
Avenue Sky Ftakar Video [Bil-Malti]
Avenue Sky FireStorm Online
AYTO feat. Rachel Mamo Ordinary Love Online
Bahjat 3:11 AM EP
Balzunetta Towers Various Album
Bark Bark Disco Honey I Love You Now Video [non-Maltese language]
Bayonet Call Me When It's Over Video [non-Maltese language]
Beesqueeze Complain Video [non-Maltese language]
Beesqueeze Crowd Control EP
Bernie and Pod Ħelwa tal-Għaġeb Video [Bil-Malti]
Bla Titlu Miżerikordja Video [Bil-Malti]
Bound to Prevail Omen of Iniquity EP
Brendan Jackson The War of the Roses Video [non-Maltese language]
Brikkuni Rub Al Khali Album
Brodu Tfejt Album
Bużu Gilgamesh Video [Bil-Malti]
Bużu Integrajt Online
Chess Galea Rise / Money Talks (The Global Montage) Overseas
Carlo Gerada ft. Yazmin Helledie Just Need You Video [non-Maltese language]
Christina Magrin Snowglobe Video [non-Maltese language]
Claire Marante & Tact Euterpe Online
Clifford Borg feat. Elisabeth Borg + Janice Borg Worth Waiting? Online
Clinton Paul Carpe Diem Album
Clinton Paul Lilek Qatt Ma Nsejt Video [Bil-Malti]
Claudia Faniello Breathlessly Video [non-Maltese language]
Colourblind Aphrodite Online
Crosswalk Broken Unprepared Online
Crux NSKY Video [non-Maltese language]
David Cassar Torregiani Valerie Video [non-Maltese language]
David Cauchi Gone Video [non-Maltese language]
David Cauchi I'm Gonna Be Your Lover Video [non-Maltese language]
Davinia Pace Perfectly Video [non-Maltese language]
Deborah C + Josef Tabone Get To Know Me Online
Decline the Fall As Guardians Fall EP
Decline the Fall Carnival World Video [non-Maltese language]
Digby Forever Online
DJ Mykill Strange Online
Dorothy Bezzina + Edward Mifsud Kemm Hu Sabiħ Online
Draugûl Plagueweaver EP
Ed Blank Down in the Subway Online
Eddie Fresco Deal with the Devil Video [non-Maltese language]
Explicit Smile Online
Eyes To Argus Veer Album
Festin Spartacus Overseas
Firelight Victor the Hungarian Man Video [non-Maltese language]
FishCult Politika Żibel Online
Footprints We Are Video [non-Maltese language]
Forsaken Pentateuch Album
Forty Days of Rain Gimme a Sign Video [non-Maltese language]
Fr Rob Galea + Ira Losco Dominoes Video [non-Maltese language]
Frans il-Ħamallu President Frans Video [Bil-Malti]
Fuzzhoneys Femmetastic EP
Fuzzhoneys Femmetastic Video [non-Maltese language]
Fuzzhoneys Period Online
Gemini Sun The Lines We Draw (EP) Overseas
Gianluca Cilia Dawra Tond Video [Bil-Malti]
Homegrow Boxing Day Online
I.Am.Willow Oceanful Overseas
In Stereo Girlfriend Overseas
Ira Losco We Are the Soldiers Video [non-Maltese language]
Ira Losco feat. Shyli Oh My God (OMG) Video [non-Maltese language]
Jo Elise Kari Online
Joe Roscoe How I Feel About You Overseas
John Galea Honesty Overseas
Joseph Calleja Verdi Overseas
Jon Mallia feat. Analise Mifsud Nitfgħek fuq Spallti u Niġri Bik Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax Broken Online
Kapitlu Tlettax Kienet Ħolma Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax + Digby Battibek Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax + Joe Demicoli Il-Baqra Milli Jkollha Ttik Video [Bil-Malti]
Kapitlu Tlettax feat. Ina Robinich Aħna X’Nistgħu Noffru Video [Bil-Malti]
Kelly Busuttil Until We Meet Again Video [non-Maltese language]
Kersten Graham Got It All Wrong Video [non-Maltese language]
Kill the Action No Place Like Home Video [non-Maltese language]
Kill the Action Kill the Action EP
Krokus Big Rocks Overseas
Kurt Cassar + Ekklesia Sisters Anġlu Ħaj Online
La Barokka Unbreakable Video [non-Maltese language]
FishCult + Mandy Vella Konverżazzjoni Online
Lucy's Last Same Old Online
Lyndsay Pace Mr Vanity Online
Lyndsay Pace Walking on Air Video [non-Maltese language]
Lyndsay Pace Butterfly EP
Marmalja Karotti Video [Bil-Malti]
Melchior Sultana Love for the Art EP
Melchior Sultana feat. Reine Kabban Give It To The Moon Video [non-Maltese language]
Michela Galea Fejn Marru t-Tfal Video [Bil-Malti]
Mikiel + Christa Fireplace Video [Bil-Malti]
Milk Mi Shadow Video [non-Maltese language]
Mind's Eye Dub BoomBass Dub Online
Monroe Wasted Tears Overseas
Muxu and friends Innu Partit LM (Angel) Online
Nadia Vella The Dark Video [non-Maltese language]
Nadine Axisa Miegħek Immur Video [Bil-Malti]
Naangs Hit Video [non-Maltese language]
New Courey Suċċessi Album
Odessa Green + Toby Unbreakable Video [non-Maltese language]
Oxygyn Bubblewrap Video [non-Maltese language]
Plato's Dream Machine Tessut Video [Bil-Malti]
Plato's Dream Machine Ġuf Album
Plato's Dream Machine Paraliżi Video [Bil-Malti]
Prayer of the Dying Suffocate in Hatred Online
Red Electrick Alive Online
Red Electrick Cold as a Fever Video [non-Maltese language]
Relikc Strut (Papa's Got the Cash) Video [non-Maltese language]
Robert Farrugia Slow Morning Online
Sandrina Give Me A Sign Video [non-Maltese language]
Sebastian Calleja Escape Video [non-Maltese language]
Shismu Doin Me Online
Shyli Drama Video [non-Maltese language]
Shyli Rise Online
Simon Sammut Crossing Album
Super Sponge Trio Slinky When Wet Online
Superfecta Mannequin Overseas
Tact All Is True Video [non-Maltese language]
The Black Horses To Hell Overseas
The Busker Telegram Video [non-Maltese language]
The Busker feat. Alex Alden Away With You Video [non-Maltese language]
The Crowns Smoke and Mirrors Video [non-Maltese language]
The Ranch 100 SPH Album
The Shh True Love Will Let You Go Video [non-Maltese language]
The Shh Too Young Online
The Travellers Ħafi Paċi Kuluri Video [Bil-Malti]
The Velts Season of the Prey Video [non-Maltese language]
The Voyage Some Kind of Love Video [non-Maltese language]
Toby feat. Karin Duff Who You Are Video [non-Maltese language]
Thy Legion World Stigmata Album
Tricia Dawn Williams Pounding Online
Upper Lip Parasol Online
Wayne Camilleri Get Out Of My System Video [non-Maltese language]
Xarulù Rutina Tgħallina Online
Yorika Fight the Feeling Video [non-Maltese language]

Voting will commence in January 2018 and run throughout the month.

The 2017 Listener's Top Picks will be announced during the final Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast released in January 2018.

The Opinion Stage plug-in is used for voting on this poll. The interface was designed by QUE Design Studio.

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