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We're still exploring how events listings should work on this wiki, if you would like to follow and/or contribute to that discussion please go to M3P_talk:Current_events. Meanwhile here's a temporary structure we've created to get us going:

Older entries by registered users

Explicit,26 Other Worlds,Adie, Krystal, Lyndsey Pace, Thea, jon lukas woodenman Yosefa, Martina, Blush,Dimal,Dominic Cini, Rise, Gabriela N, Velvet Rain,Stefan and Bitterside,through Self Belief, Focus, and Committment and Hard Work and through the love of their own Music and Performance, positively using the platform ofAiming 4 Fame to be introduced to World Wide Music industry have now being selected to be on theFirst Ever Malta to Midem CD 2011 where their music will be introduced to CEO's Of Major Labels and Publishers, MTV Game Producers, and also for Licensing thru joint collaboration with T G Publishing and Aiming 4 Fame, FIND OUT MORE ON: www.aiming4fame.org golden opportunities await for all these bands and artists for 2011***

Please feel free to discuss the contents and format of this page on the Current Events talk page.