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Not a band that minces its words, Loathe is now on the threshold of a new era. Having released three EPs over the last 5 years, their new, full length album, entitled Despondent By Design, was released on the UK's Casket Records on the 23rd of July 2010 to great critical acclaim.

On the live circuit, Loathe are a constant appearance. The band has toured the UK many times over and shared stages with bands such as Evile, Detonation, Sabbat, K.O.Kaine, SevenYearsDead, Let ‘Em Bürn, SLAB, Morgue Orgy and Trigger the Bloodshed, apart from local heavyweights SLIT, Beheaded, ItEM and Abysmal Torment.

Locally, on their island of Malta, the band is known as a heavyweight among the metal bands and has played a number of legendary gigs, including 2 headlining spots in the famed Extreme Maltese Metal summer festival, as well as 2010 edition of this festival, entitled Xtreme Metal Assault.

Freshly signed to Casket Records and putting all their weight behind the new album, Loathe are raring to go. 'Despondent By Design' has been received extremely well in all quarters. Loathe has also been featured and praised extensively in the press, including appearances on the Times and Sunday Times, Maltatoday, Manic Magazine, In-Nazzjon, Tune-In, L-Orizzont and many more. During the 2009 Dark Design Tour Loathe was interviewed by Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham.


  • Mark Debono - bass
  • Alan Chetcuti - drums
  • Karl Cachia - guitar
  • Kurt Pace - guitar
  • David Fenech - vocals

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