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Lawrence Gray

Lawrence Gray was born on the 30 of January, 1975. He is a professional singer.

Spend most of his life in Santa Lucia with his parents are Charles and Josephine and he has a younger sister, Eleanor who is married to Sebastiano. They have two children, Flavio and Jake. Lawrence’s wife is the well known Maltese singer Maronia Attard a well known singer too especially for the classical song Angel Eyes lyrices by Joey Chircop and music by David Agius. They have a baby boy, Liam who was born on 17th December, 2012 and lived in Mtarfa.

Lawrence had his first singing experience when he was only 8 years old. His talent was noted and he was encouraged to audition for a school show.

Lawrence had artistic training in modern dance and ballet, from 1985 to 1990 and from 1988 to 1994, he had voice and stage training. He obtained a distinction certificate from the British Theatre Dance Organisation (1990) and a distinction certificate for teaching of voice building techniques (1994).

Lawrence Gray has a long and vast career. Early in his career, he carried out artistic work for Miss Malta, took part in tv shows, musicals, etc.

In 1997, the rockband Meer was founded and Lawrence Gray was the singer and frontman. Lawrence recorded 6 songs with this band at Temple Studios in Malta.

Lawrence took part in the Malta Song for Europe 8 times. He came twice 2nd:- in 1999 with The Right Time and in 2003 with Why Not. (In 2003 he had won the televoting). He came once 3rd with Count on Me in 2001 and he came twice 4th:- in 2002 with What Happened to Our Love and in 2004 with You’re on My Mind.

In 2001, Lawrence Gray won Best Male Singer at the Malta Music Awards.

Besides the Malta Song for Europe, Lawrence Gray has also taken part in other festivals both in Malta and abroad:-

In Maltese Festivals Lawrence Gray participated in The International festival of Maltese Song twice:- In 1998 with Min Jaf Għalfejn and in 2002 with Eklissi. He won the festival both times and he also won the FIDOF award twice ie., at both festivals. In 1998 he won this award for being the most promising artist and in 2002,

Lawrence Gray won the FIDOF award again for his outstanding performance on stage.

In 1999 he took part in L-Għanja tal-Poplu with Aħna li ma M'Morrux fuq Xarabank and placed 2nd. He also won the Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in 2002 with L-Għazla f’Idejna and came 2nd in this same festival with Ħalluni Nkanta.

Lawrence Gray

Lawrence Gray also took part in several festivals abroad like the International Voice of Asia in 1999 and won Best Male Singer and Best International Voice. He took part again in the same festival in 2002 and placed 2nd. At this festival, he also won Best performer, Best Voice and Best Composer.

In 2001, Lawrence Gray placed 2nd at an international festival, Universetalent in Prague. Then, in 2002, he won the award Most Popular Foreign Artist at the 111 International music Festival in Zrenjanin Jugoslavia.

Lawrence Gray received an award Best World Singer of 2002, by the website

He also took part in Musicals have always played a very important part in Lawrence Gray’s career. Over the years, he has taken part in a large number of musicals or shows associated with musicals, always interpreting one of the main parts. These include:- Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Webber Celebration, 10th Anniversary Concert of Les Miserables, It-Tieġ ta’ Karmen Abdilla, The King and I, Manwel, Manwel il-Bandiera tal-Maltin, Rita ta’ Cascia, Scrooge, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Just Musicals, A Night with The Musicals, LesMisSaigonGuerre and The History of il-Mellieħha.

In 2001, Lawrence took part in a Masterclass for musical theatre in London for les Miserables. At the end of this masterclass, he was chosen for the part of Jean Valjean to sing in Les Miserables at the Palace theatre in London.

Lawrence also sang Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar in the first Beyond the Barricade show in Malta in 2003. Lawrence’s performance of this song, at this show, is now found on YouTube.

In 2002, Lawrence went to London and recorded 3 songs at Mayfair studios in London. The composer of two of the songs was Geoff Morrow, who is a very successful composer. One of the songs is You Are My Lover. A video was also made of this song at Townhouse Studios in London.

Mr. Geoff Morrow had written Barry Manilow’s “Can’t Smile Without You” which had sold 22 million. He had also written songs for Elvis Presley, Cilla black, The Carpenters, Guys ‘n Dolls and other famous singers. The chief backing vocalist was Annie Skates, who worked with Simon Cowell in X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, etc. and has also worked with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Later Lawrence again went to London and worked with Paul Murphy who had worked with Engelbert Humperdink and Tom Jones. Lawrence recorded another 18 tracks, some of them original songs (3 of which were written by Lawrence himself) and the others were cover versions. The BBC Symphonic orchestra was engaged to record some of the songs.

In 2002, Lawrence was a guest singer at “Premio Top Sprint - Omaggio alla Sicilianita’” in Catania, Sicily. This was shown on Sicilian television.

Lawrence Gray in Musical ‘Il-Perit’ as Dom Mintoff (2016)

In 2003 Lawrence Gray was invited to go to Cyprus. He discovered that he had a fan club there. He received an award Best Promoted Foreign Artist in Cyprus from Radio Magic 102.2FM. The same radio station awarded him a gold disc for Why Not.

Also in 2003, Lawrence was a guest singer at the Golden Magnolia Festival in Louisina, USA.

Lawrence held a concert (An Evening with Lawrence Gray – Live) at St. James Cavalier, in Valletta, Malta, in 2004. Three presentations of the concert were held.

In 2008 he make one of the main parts in an musical The History of Il-Mellieħa. Besides that he sang two songs in the album Għanja featuring some of Dun Karm Psaila ’s (Malta’s National Poet) works adapted to music by compser Dominic Galea. During 2012 hu was a resident singer on tv programm Sibtek on National Television TVM.

In 2013 he was one of the Singers at Rockestra 2013. While on the 9th November, 2013 he was one of the guest presenters at The International Festival of Maltese Song 2013.

Over the years Lawrence Gray was resident singer on various tv programmes on local stations in Malta. These include Sibtijiet Flimkien, Red, Kalamita, Kollox Sibt Sorpriza and 108 Live. He also sang the feast anthems of various towns and villages in Malta.

On 21 November, 2014 Lawrence Gray taken part in the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015, with the song The One That You Love, and he made it to the Final held at the Marsa Shipbuilding on Saturday 22 November, 2014 with the last sixteen song. He placed at the eight place with 18 points.

On 23, 24 and 25 September, 2016. Lawrence Gray taken part in the Musical Il-Perit producer by Bronk Productions at Sir Temi Zammit Hall, writen by Brian Bonnici, composed by Dominic Cini, direct by Tonio Vella where Lawrence intrepreted the Dom Mintoff Caracter. The part of a life time in my artistic career that I will remember it for ever , it was a privilege and a great honor a BIG THANK YOU goes to all , I wouldn't have done this without everyone 's cooperation God bless



Why Not
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Why Not Ray Agius Ray Agius
And The Music Mark Doneo Dominic Galea
Don't Ever Let Me Go


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2016 The Call Lawrence Gray Cyprian Cassar (Click for Video)
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Collaborations Songs

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1996 6th European Union Cyprus and Malta Song Festival 1996 Once Again Lawrence Gray, Leontine Camilleri Joe Julian Farrugia Renato Briffa


Year Festival Songs Music Lyrics Placed Videos
1998 Festival Intenazzjonali Tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 1998 Min Jaf Għalfejn Philip Vella Ray Agius (Check for Video)
2002 Festival Intenazzjonali Tal-Kanzunetta Maltija 2002 Eklissi Godwin Sant Philip Vella (Check for Video)
1999 L-Għanja tal-Poplu 1999 Aħna Li Ma Morrux Fuq Xarabank Joe Friggieri Dominic Galea
2002 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2002 Ħalluni Nkanta Profs. Joe Friggieri Dominic Galea (Check for Video)
2002 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2002 L-Għażla F'Idejna Ray Agius Ray Agius (Check for Video)
1998 Malta Song for Europe 1998 Newborn Heart Joe Julian Farrugia Joe Brown 9th Place (Check for Video)
1999 Malta Song for Europe 1999 The Right Time Philip Vella Paul Abela 2nd Place (Check for Video)
2001 Malta Song for Europe 2001 Count On Me Philip Vella Paul Abela 3rd Place (Check for Video)
2001 Malta Song for Europe 2001 A Song In My Life Ray Agius Ray Agius 6th Place (Check for Video)
2002 Malta Song for Europe 2002 What Happened To Our Love Alfred C. Sant Ray Agius 4th Place (Check for Video)
2002 Malta Song for Europe 2002 Moment Of Truth Alfred C. Sant Paul Abela 8th Place (Check for Video)
2003 Malta Song for Europe 2003 Why Not Ray Agius Ray Agius 2nd Place (Check for Video)
2003 Malta Song for Europe 2003 And The Music Mark Doneo Dominic Galea 13th Place (Check for Video)
2004 Malta Song for Europe 2004 You're On My Mind Joe Chircop Philip Vella 4th Place (Check for Video)
2010 Malta Song for Europe 2010 Stories Godwin Sant Ray Agius 7th Place (Check for Video)
2012 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 In Your Eyes Cher Vella Philip Vella 7th Place (Check for Video)
2015 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 The One That You Love Lawrence Gray Elton Zarb 8th Place (Check for Video)
2016 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 You're Beautiful Fleur Balzan Paul Giordimaina 12th Place (Check for Video)
2018 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Love Renegade Muxu' Matt Mercieca


Year Songs Lyrics Music Videos
2016 The Call Lawrence Gray Cyprian Cassar (Click for Video)


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2000 Anderlisa Ġorġ Saliba Sammy Galea
2000 Rita ta' Cascia Ray Mahoney Dominic Galea
It-Tieġ ta' Karmena Abdilla
2006 Manwel Manwel Ray Mahoney Dominic Galea
2002 Il-Perit Brian Bonnici Dominic Cini


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2006 Fi Qlubna l-Werqisti George Bianchi Ray Agius Andrew Zammit Festa ta' San Ġorġ
2006 Santa Luċija 2006 Ray Mahoney Ray Agius Tradizzjonali Taljana Festa ta' Santa Luċija
2011 Lil Malta Karm Psaila Fr. Dominic Galea Cd Għanja - Poeżiji ta' Dun Karm Psaila
2011 Żagħżugħ Ta' Dejjem Karm Psaila Fr. Dominic Galea Cd Għanja - Poeżiji ta' Dun Karm Psaila

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