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Gillian Attard & Matt ‘Muxu’ Mercieca

La Voix Academy Choir saw its open run at the beginning of the year 2009, when the singer known TV Presenter Gillian Attard had decided that open this Academy school of talent, so what she was teach when she was a girl, now share this exprence with young singers promising.

Today La Voix Accademy is operate from a place in the neighborhood of Marsa and it collects a good number of singers under the direction of Gillian Attard give rise to these singers continue practicing their talent of singing from every aspect, one of the tutors in the Academy, is the young Matthew Mercieca, better knows in music scene as Matt, ‘Muxu’ Mercieca.

In Academy teachers teach students everything that relates to the performing arts as Learning good communication techniques as a singer are vital. To connect with those you are singing to is the aim of this lesson – to deliver the song in such a way that the audience believe in you and your message. For beginners, we work through some excellent strategies needed to deliver a song with conviction.

This Coaching covers several aspect such as:-

• positive stage image • the audience-singer-band triangle • projecting personality • posture & eye-contact • the mic and mic stand • techniques specific to a backing vocalist • working with the venue.

Gillian Attard guides her students through her repertoire of songs and gives feedback and advice on how to improve not only the execution of those songs, but also the vocal arrangements, vocal phrasing, articulation, enunciation, correct lyrics, pitch, volume (e.g., when to sing softly and pensively, or when to sing more loudly and energetically), breath taking (e.g., when to breathe during a song to minimize awkwardness and maximize breath availability and relaxation), rhythms and overall approach to the song. She will listen closely to ensure that the student has not learned the song incorrectly. Essentially, the vocal coach will help a student prepare and polish a song or repertoire of songs to be recorded or performed in front of an audience.

La Voix Academy

Beside this, the students work on to lyrics and melody for try to write they own songs too.

From time to time the students from the La Voix Academy take part as a guest in serverals occasions around Malta and Gozo, and participate as La Voix Academy Choir under the direction of Gillian Attard or individual.

On could name Pink Floyd – The Wall at the FCM Earth Garden on 31 May, 2013, Sound Of Innocence Music Festival at Birżebbuġġia on 8 August, 2013 with the live orchestra of Mro.Sigmund Mifsud, Freddie Portelli in Concert, in aid of the St Jeanne Antide Foundtion at the Greek Theater at Ta’Qali on 23 August, 2013. Pink Floyd – The Wall Show at Zabbar on 30 August, 2013. On 27 September, 2013. live in the Beland Events with The Crowns in a concert at Zejtun Square.

In September 2013 two students from La Voix Academy Shauna Vassallo and Verorica Rotin, participating in the Io Canto Show aired on Canale 5 from Sunday 8th September 2013. Shauna and Veronica have both passed the first round of the competition and were choosen by Mara Maionchi to form part of her group.

On 27 September, 2013 PBS announced that Malta will return to take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest at Kyiv with the participation of Gaia Cauchi a student from La Voix Academy.

Gaia Cauchi is eleven years old and started her singing career when she was only two and half. She is no stranger to singing contests, having received the International Achievement Award at the Malta Music Awards in 2013 and triumphing at the prestigious Italian song festival SanRemo in her category last year. She placed first in the junior section of the popular San Remo festival, first in Una Stella sta Nascendo, During her victory speech she thanked her vocal coach Gillian Attard and her parents.

Gaia Cauchi entry for this years JESC is ‘The Start’, a co-write between Elton Zarb, Matthew Mercieca and Gillian Attard. The eleventh Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Kyiv , has been won by Maltese singer and a student from La Voix Academy Gaia Cauchi. The 11 year old won the contest with her song The Start.

Gaia Cauchi has she’s been competing on bigger stages for a while now. She placed first in the junior section of the popular San Remo festival, first in Una Stella sta Nascendo, and was recently honoured at the 2013 Malta Music Awards. During her victory speech she thanked her vocal coach Gillian Attard and her parents.

Gaia Cauchi scored 130 points, ahead of runner-up Ukraine (121 points) and third place Belarus (108).

It was the first time Malta won Junior Eurovision for this achievement on Friday 13 December 2013, The winning team of Junior Eurovision (Gaia Cauchi, Matthew Mercieca, Elton Zarb and Gillian Attard) has been awarded the Medalja Għal Qadi tar-Repubblika by the President of Malta Dr.George Abela.

Rachel Lowell, a student from La Voix Academy, has Won the Gaffiero Productions, Super Cup, Best of the Best Singers for 2013. In this section all the singers who have won the overall cup in the Gaffiero Singers Festivals during the 2013 were eligible to compete. Rachel Lowell took part with the song ‘Tragedy’.

Students from La Voix Academy have obtained nice results in the Festival Għanja Ġmiel is-Seba Noti , organised by Erseb Productions. Where the students placed,

Section A - 3rd Jahel Cardona and 4th Rudiella Farrugia. Section B - 1st Federica Falzon, 2nd Gabrielle Dalli, 4th Shania Micallef and [Mardy Farrugia]] Best presentation Section C 1st Sarah Farrugia, 2nd Naolene Borg, 3rd Clarissa Cauchi and Laura Bugeja Best presentation Sarah Farrugia also won the Over all winner.

The Year 2014 open with many activities when a 10 year old sprano Federica Falzon of La Voix Academy took to the main stage in her debut appearance, a duet entitled ‘Un Amore Cosi Grande’ alongside Vincenzo Carni in the Italian program Ti Lascio Una Canzone, hosted by Antonella Clerici on Rai Uno. After Federica Falzon alongside Vincenzo Carni gave another wonderfull display and won the edition of Rai Uno's Ti Lascio una Canzone. It was their second victory, this time singing Il mare calmo della sera. The duet even manged to make it into the final phases, having won the programme.

Sarah Farrugia has participated and won first place in the 'Italian Discography Awards' Festival in Palermo on January 4th, 2014 with the song `Ghaliex`. Now she has been invited as a guest singer in the Gala concert of Ceymars with other great Italian Artists.

La Voix Academy Choir

On 8 th Febuary 2014 the Winner of the JESC 2014 Gaia Cauchi were invited to perform during the opening of the Malta Eurovision song contest 2014 together with 120 Students from La Voix Choir.

Another promising singer Jasmar Cassar, from La Voix Academy, has participated in the International pop music festival 2014 in Rome, were he managed to pass to the finals with the song Climb Every Mountain.

Maxine Pace, another young singer, have been making waves within the local music scene with her debut single Fed up. Maxine Pace has been nominated for 2014 Malta Music Award as Best New Artist.

During the this years MMA Malta Music Awards 2014 which was the 18th edition of the awards, Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner Gaia Gauci student at La Voix Academy, as expected, walked off with the Recognition Award while her vocal coach Gillian Attard won the International Achievement Award.

Besides that a group of students from La Voix Academy have made it to the brand new edition of the programme Una Stella Sta Nascendo which airs on SKY Italia. The students are Sarah Farrugia, Shauna Vassallo, Maxine Pace, Miriana Conte, Nazio Rotin, Jean Claude Azzopardi, Clive Gauci, Cain Portelli, Nicole Hammett, Christina Magrin, Jahel Cardona, Mardy Farrugia, Karine Caruana and special guest Michaela Caruana who is just a four (4) years old.

It’s Gillian's desire to continue running this school for its future, first and formost for these children to continue shown their talents in singing discipline, and even to other children who want to start begain singing to give them this opportunity to do this and develop their talent.

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