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     <td>Storja Bejn Tnejn</td>
     <td>Storja Bejn Tnejn</td>
     <td>[[Teddie Zammit]] & [[Margaret Camilleri]] ‘Morena’</</td>
     <td>[[Teddie Zammit]] & [[Margaret Camilleri]] (Morena)</td>
     <td>Teddie Zammit</td>
     <td>Teddie Zammit</td>
     <td>Teddie Zammit</td>
     <td>Teddie Zammit</td>

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The 29 th edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu was held on Saturday 24 April, 1999. At the Universtry of Malta, Sir Temi Zammit Hall, at Tal-Qroqq Msida.

Organised by the Youth Travel Circle will this year form part of Malta's celebrations to mark the country's accession to the EU.

Organizing Committee

Organizer: Fr Maurice Mifsud
Chairman:Charles Schembri
Secretary: Noel D'Amato
Collectiv Adverts: Peter Micallef
Stage Manager: Eddie Cini
Eden Foundation: Robert Farrugia and Fredrick Attard

Other Prizes

The prizes for the Festival are:- First Place:- Trophy and Lm 300 Second Place:- Trophy and Lm 200 Third Place:- Trophy and Lm 100

The Trophy of -Għanja tal-Poplu detained for year by the author / composer of the song comes first. Awarded trophy for best theme song trofrew for better social and interpretation.

The Festival

Fourteen finalists out of a total of 125 songs compete for the acclaimed winning trophy in a three-hour spectacle that will be transmitted on national television.

Various personalities will receive special prizes to mark their outstanding contribution in the local music scene. The Minister for Tourism and Culture, the Hon. Francis Zammit Dimech, will be present for the festival and will present trophies to the winner and runners-up. Special prizes include best interpretation of the song, the best musical arrangement and the song with the best social theme.

The song festival L-Għanja tal-Poplu is undoubtedly one of the most popular musical events of the Maltese islands. It has been held regularly on a yearly basis since 1973, presenting a number of original songs ranging from sarcastic outlooks to life in general, through touching appeals to humanity to the moving melodies of love songs, and all that lies in between. The songs themselves are also very varied in their styles, including folk, pop, classic and rock.

Many well-established songwriters and singers have started off their musical career through their participation in the festival. Indeed, the latter has grown from a small activity between the members of the Youth Travel Circle itself to an event of considerable importance on a national scale. Composers and lyricists are continuously encouraged to present songs that have meaningful and touching verses as well as captivating music. In this way, these songs remain eternally topical, deeply rooted in an ever-changing yet unwavering structure that is our society.

Songs in the contest

The 14 song featured in the 2010 edition:

Final Phase

Here are the 14 Songs featured in the final:-

Song Performers Words Music
Bħal Nixxiegħa Maria Mallia Maria Mallia Rodelita Vella
Stejjer Fuq -Uċuħ Colette Grima Felicienne Fenech Caruana David Sciberras
U Jgħaddi iż-Żmien Vittorio Gauci Ray Mahoney Josette Sciberras
Għax Romina Mamo Ray Mahoney Josette Sciberras
Storja Bejn Tnejn Teddie Zammit & Margaret Camilleri (Morena) Teddie Zammit Teddie Zammit
Ġewwa Paċeville Paul Camilleri Vincent Zammit Gilbert Camilleri
Kieku Marisa D’Amato Joe Chircop Philip Vella
Issa Xbajt Louis Andrew Cassar Augusto Cardinali Augusto Cardinali
L-Għanja Tal-Ġemgħa Anabel Spiteri Augusto Cardinali Augusto Cardinali
Fiż-Żerniq Eleanor Cassar Shirley Galea Andrew Zahra
Imroddilkom Ħajr Shirley Galea Doreen Cardinali Doreen Cardinali
Wellidni Ina Robinich Deo Grech Dominic Cini
Madre Tereża Graziana Axisa Josette Ellul Ivan Spiteri Lucas
Grazzi Ħabib Philip Vella Philip Vella Philip Vella


The judges during the live show were:

Winners Finalist

Here are the Winning Songs featured in the final:-

No Song Performers Words Music
01 Wellidni Ina Robinich Deo Grech Dominic Cini
02 Madre Tereza Graziana Axisa Josette Ellul Mark Spiteri Lucas
03 Storja Bejn Tnejn Teddie Zammit & Margaret Camilleri Teddie Zammit Teddie Zammit

Tickets at €10 were available from the Y.T.C. 227 Merchants' Street, Valletta.

The Comperes

The Comperes of the Festival where Vanni Pule and Valerie Vella.

Other Winners

  • For Best Social Theme:
  • For Best Interpretation:
  • For Best Sing Song Writer:
  • For Best Arrangment:

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