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Kristina Casolani Born on 17 th.September,1983. Kristina has actively been in the music scene since the year 2000.

Together with her producer Boris Cezek, she started working on original material and they have been working together ever since. All the songs she released to date have been very well received by fans, radio stations and DJ’s, all reaching top positions on the local charts and awarding her with several nominations and awards throughout the years, apart from some spectacular international collaborations.

She was nominated for Best Female Artist, Best Song and Best Image at the Malta Music Awards in 2004; in 2007 she was nominated again for Best Female Artist and Best R’n’B/Hip Hop Artist at the Malta Music Awards whilst also being nominated at the Bay Music Awards for Best Solo Artist; in 2008 she was nominated for Best Female Artist, Best R’n’B Artist and Best Dance Song at the Malta Music Awards whilst also being nominated at the Bay Music Awards for Best Dance Tune; in 2009 she was nominated again for Best Solo Artist; in November 2010 she was awarded “Best Female Artist 2010” at the Malta Music Awards 2010. In December 2010 she was also awarded “Best Dance Tune & Remix 2010” at the Bay Music Awards 2010. In 2011 she was nominated once more for “Best Dance Tune & Remix 2011”.

In 2008 Kristina had a fantastic experience when she was chosen to compete in the UK’s “X FACTOR”. Initially she was up against 185,000 participants and outstandingly succeeded in making it into the final top 50, unfortunately being asked to step down at that stage by the organizing committee due to the fact that she was not a British Resident.

Kristina Casolani has participated in numerous local activities as well as various prestigious events abroad. In 2009 she was the only supporting act for ‘Amici’ (the Italian Fame Academy). She performed in a concert in Athens, Greece that summer and the response from the 5,000 people was fantastic. In the same year she performed at Penthouse and Madame Jojo’s in London. Her music has been played successfully during nights held in popular clubs around the UK including Tantra, Movida, Pangaea, Aura, Kabaret, Pacha, Eclipse and Chinawhite, as well as many other cities including Frankfurt, Saint Tropez, Cannes and more recently across Italy.

While residing in the UK she collaborated with Diane Charlemagne (of Urban Cookie Collective, Moby, Goldie, fame) and sang backing vocals on the anthem song “Moving too fast” by Supafly. It rocketed European charts when released. She also had the opportunity to perform on stage with Supafly at the Malta Music Awards in 2007.

Kristina studied Dance at the College of Jazz & Dance (YADA) for over twenty years, which provided her with an edge in her live performances, as she was capable of combining both arts. She uses her musicians, custom made choreographies and her own dancers, taking her shows to a professional level. Presently she continues performing frequent live and unplugged sets. Apart from writing the lyrics to her own songs, she also writes the vocal melodies and also actively participates in the creation of the music in the studio. Songwriting is as much a passion for her as performing is, both giving her great satisfaction.

Having become a popular household name in Malta, and being versatile in many genres of music, there came a point in her career were she wanted to strengthen her presence in the clubbing scene. In order to do so she collaborated with several top local producers for a number of years, resulting in a string of Number 1 hits on the Maltese charts.

In 2010 she established a commercial activity in line with her singing and songwriting, called JinglesMalta, whereby she provides a complete corporate jingle service for corporate entities. Today her voice can be heard on a daily basis as she sings and songwrites various adverts and jingles aired on Maltese Radio and Television stations. With her combination of music and jingles, he has been literally accused of hijacking the Maltese airwaves!

During the same year she also released various chart hits including “Get Out”, “Heartless”, “I Need You” and “Get Out -¬‐ Ruby Remix” which remained planted at No. 1 on the local music charts for 6 weeks.

In August 2010 she was the main supporting act for the AKON concert held in Malta. Her incessant performances have moreover seen her travel overseas for distinct performances.

In October 2010 she performed live before some of London’s most refined socialites at the high-¬‐end club “Movida” on Argyll Street, proudly performing her own tracks throughout the gig, garnering a terrific response from all those present who heralded her as the next big thing. The following night saw her support one of the world’s top DJ’s, Alex Gaudino, who included some of his world famous releases including the No. 1 hit “I’m in Love (I wanna do it) as well as the all time favourite “Destination Unknown”, in his set. The event was stunningly staged at Pacha London, where the guests relished in the night’s live performances. 2011 was another tremendously busy year for Kristina, continuing to pencil new music and jingles incessantly, including having the opportunity to spend several days working with the multi-¬‐platinum international producers, the Berman Brothers, in their studio in Germany. However summer of the same year brought another breakthrough: being signed up to the international record label, Net’s Work Records, with her track “Get Out”, which resulted in a collaboration with three famed DJ Producers in Italy – Pizza Brothers, Alex Colle and Nicola Zucchi -¬‐ and having her first overseas record released on the international market in 2012, iTunes, Beatport and many more: Kristina Casolani & Pizza Brothers – Get Out, which is currently rocketing up the dance charts in Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic in particular. The motion never stops, with Kristina Casolani always working hard on more new material and looking for higher achievements in her career.



  • Reduce Reuse Recycle (2013) Kristina Casolani & The Students Carlo Gerada Remix)
  • Never Let Go (2013) (Kristina Casolani & Carlo Gerada)
  • Betrayed(2012)
  • Get Out (2012)
  • Get Out (2012) (Kristina Casolani – Bash Dash Dub Rmx)
  • Get Out (2012) (Kristina Casolani – Bash Dash Rmx)
  • Get Out (2012) (Kristina Casolani – N.Z. Variavision)
  • Get Out (2012) (Kristina Casolani – Pizza Brothers Extd Mix)
  • Get Out (2012) (Kristina Casolani – Pizza Brothers Radio Mix)
  • I Need You (2012) (Kristina Casolani – DJ Ruby & Mark U-Bahn)
  • Get Out (2011) (Kristina Casolani – DJ Ruby Extended Version)
  • Get Out (2011) (Kristina Casolani – DJ Ruby Radio Edit)
  • I Need You (2010)
  • Leaving (2010)
  • Leaving (2010) Kristina Casolani & Toby – Remix)
  • Singing For Bay Kids (2010) Kristina Casolani, Brandon Jackson, Carrie Haber,Jotham Saliba
  • Traces (2009) (Toby & Kristina Casolani) (Extended version)
  • Traces (2209) (Toby & Kristina Casolani) (Radio Edit)
  • Just Because (2007)
  • Heartless ( )
  • Here I Stand ( ) (Toby & Kristina Casolani)
  • Party Up ( )
  • Search ( ) Kristina Casolani & Toby – Belearic Remix)
  • Soon You Will See ( ) Kristina Casolani – Toby,Jotham,Baresine,Simon Vella & Dizzy LegeLegeusse
  • The Line ( )
  • The One ( )
  • Touch Me ( ) (Toby & Kristina Casolani) (cover version)