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Kristen Camilleri

Kristen Camilleri born on 13 Febuary,1992. She is an Singer and Actress lived in Birkirkara.

She started her career in singing from an early age of six years where she began taking part in several school musicals inside Santa Monica Birkirkara where she was going. One of her good religion song is Sliem Għalik Marija made in 2008 and dedicated to the Archbishop Paul Cremona.

By time Kristen began learn the classic voice with Gillian Zammit and reach high grades in examinations of classical singing. She also had the opportunity to sing at the Manoel Theatre which took part f'musical to held from Masquerade Theatre Arts School named Dr.Seuss - The Musical.

Kristen Camilleri

Kristen has failed to give its contribution in several shows that were organized by the school of St. Aloysius where she was to attend to her studies after secondary school. Took part in such occasions, Soiree, which had the main part in the musical Mamma Mia and also sang with the band in Unplugged.

Kristen had the opportunity to be Backing Vocal in three songs that took part in the Malta Song for Europe. Took part for the first time in the final of the Indifest 2012 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2012 with Flimkien (Together), written by Cher Vella, composition of Philip Vella and took part in the final of the same competition in 2013 with the song, Rebbiegħa (Spring), written by the same author and composer.

Attend a technical voice lessons with Joshua Alamu. Kristen also played a part in the series spanning DREAMS which was shown on national station every week. In 2013, Kristen was cast to interpret the part of Katrina in the play that brings the same and also shown on national station every week.

On 20 September, 2014. Kristen launch her brand new single I Must Go written by Muxu (Matt Mercieca) and Produced by Carlo Gerada which finised in Malta's Top 10 at 7 seventh place.

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