Konkors Kanzunetta Misraħ il-Milied 2016

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The Festival

Between 10 and 11 December, 2016 The Nationalist Party organizing another yearly activite edition called Misraħ il-Milied, In these perparations, get an idea to organize a Song Contest named Konkors Kanzunetta Misraħ il-Milied 2015. After the idea was confermed, begain the woking on the rules and the festival applications.

Although this festival was held at the event organized by Political Party. The organizers took care that the festival kept far away from any political aspect, and maintained to the spirit of Christmas days and which applied almost all singers participating in the festival organized from time to time in Maltese islands.

The Video Song

On Suturday 12 November. 2016 in a one day outing, organized was shot a video of the ‘Misraħ il-Milied’ song by all the singers and some of their parents ‘Tfal Maltin’ 09.15 hrs - Meet in Mellieħa Family Park. It is located at the beginning of the entrance to Selmun. Here begins the video traction and also taken up the sequence of how to sing the singers. 11.15 hrs - Bus open-delivered children near the Panorama Hotel in Mellieħa where there pulling for other shots video. 12.00 hrs - Always Open Bus with children delivered in the Danish Complex in Għadira where healthy lunch to take along. Parents may continue to understand us but one which while children's meal will be paid by the organizers, the parents pay if they wisth to eat. 13.15 hrs - From the Danish Complex will go Ta 'Qali, at Mediterranean Ceramics, the place where they will be locks to the Contest trophies. 14.30 hrs – The group arrive at Ħal-Qormi in a recording studio where they continues to be filmed and recorded the song. 15.30 hrs - End of event

Important Information: • Children must be with the track suit and running shoes • Those who get a baycile shall bring it with they to be used in the first part of the video. • In the Family Park there was also facility of swings and even picnic area.

• Within each time the parents / relatives may remain children. Will we give the facility and the parents can join us on the Open Bus from Family Park to the Danish Complex. After again get to the same parents / relatives to Family Park from where meet us at Ta 'Qali.

• It is importanti that till today everybody get the cd’s on this day.

Thanks for the coporation Organizing Committee’ KKMM

The Festival was split on four categories, for Maltese language songs, and four categories for foreign language songs, while there was a category of classic voices, the layout was so much to first of the festival and even for the final.

The song Tfal Maltin u Għawdxin lyrics by Rita Pace and music by 'Kaya' Priscilla Psaila was launched live on HD Net last year on Tuesday 8 December, 2015 at 19.00 and the participants were their to sung the song direct on NET-HD.

Category Maltese Songs

  • Category – A for singers between 6 years to 9 years
  • Category – B for singers between 9 years to 12 years
  • Category – C for singers between 13 years Over

Category for Foreign Language Songs

  • Category – A for singers between 6 years to 9 years
  • Category – B for singers between 9 years to 12 years
  • Category – C for singers between 13 years Over

Category for Classical Voices

  • Category – D Classic Voices for singers

Songs in the contest

Songs submitted to this festival, get the total of 100 songs interpreted by the good total of 67 singers


Category - A 6 years to 9 years

  • Maltese Language:11 songs
  • Foreign Language: 18 songs

Category - B 9 years to 12 years

  • Maltese Language: 16 songs
  • Foreign Language: 27 songs

Category - C 13 years Over

  • Maltese Language: 05 songs
  • Foreign Language: 13 songs

Category - D Foreign Classics:

  • Classic Voices: 11 songs

Organizing Committee

The chairman of the festival was Robert Cutajar assisted by Tiffany Abela Wadge, with whom they had a group of volontiers also.

Poster Design

The design of the poster was made by John Wilson Company

Konkors Kanzunetta Misraħ il-Milied - Logo

Trophies and Momentos

Trophies where made by Mdina Glass, while the original momentos where made by Mediterranean Ceramics

The Festival

In this year editon, the festival was splend on two days

Saturday 10 December, 2016 – The Semi Final The Festival begain at 13.30 – (Live on Youtube Channel) * Singers of First two Category A1 and A2 will be in the Festival hall at 12.30 * Singer s of First two Category B1 and B2 will be in the Festival hall at 14.15 * Singer s of First two Category C1 and C2 and D will be in the Festival hall at 15.00

The Finalist result will be annouced after every three category This means that after Category A1,A2 and B1 – will be annouced the results of Category A1 and A2 After Category B2, C1 and C2 – will be annouced the results of Category B1 and B2 After Category D - will be annouced the results of Category C1, C2 and Category D (Classics Voices)

Sunday 11 December, 2016 – The Final On Sunday 11 December, 2016 The Final will be view live on NET TV HD The Festival will be begain at 13.00 All the Singers must be present at the Festival Hall at 12.00

==The Sound Check== The Sound Check must be done on Friday 9 December, 2016 at Net TV Sec – A – 16.45 Sec – B – 15.45 Sec – C / D – 18.30