Kathy Mercieca

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Kathy Mercieca

Kathy Mercieca was born in Pieta on 5 Dicember, 1984. and lives at Ħamrun. She is a violinist.

From a younger age her mother used to take her at Church with her because she was also a violins. When Kathy got only 4 years old, she saw a small Orchestra performing during the mass and when she saw the Violins, she felt so in love with this synphony She told her mum that she wanted to start learing the violin and then it started her journey to become a well know violinist.

Kathy Mercieca

At first she started her studies with Maestro Callus then she set her Grade 7 examintion with Mr Stephen Debattista, and her final Grade with the leader of the Philarmonic Orchestra Marcelline Agius.

She use to be part with the National Orchestra of Malta nowawadys is the Philarmonic Orchestra, Kathy performed in huge concert with Airport Impression, very well know Orchestra of Gozo under the director of Mro. Joseph Grech which she perfomred as a Soloist, She also took part in the Eurovision song Contest, 2016 and in the Grand Opening of the Eurovsion 2018.

As she mentioned poreviously the most experinece which she cherish for all her life was the Grand Openinng of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Kathy think, that must be need to give more importance in arts and culture here in Malta. She sttuggled to have her success as she have nowadys and be a well know violinist here in Malta.

Till know Kathy did’nt got the opporunity to perform abroad, but let’s say is a dream that she hope to don’t it, and will come true.

She also thinking to got her music on a cd and she plan for it. Like she is thinking also to doing a music video of a song that she loves most.

Her wish is, that one day will perfom with a well known dj internationally.