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| 03||[[Rihana Nathaniel Attard]]||Fil-Pront||Emil Calleja Bayliss||Mark Spiteri Lucas||[  (Click for Video)]
| 03||[[Rihana Azzopardi]]||Ningħata||Paul Ellul||'Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila||[  (Click for Video)]

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Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza - KKI - Junior 2019

Media.Link Communications organized the fifth Edition of the KKI Junior 2019.

Organizing Committee

A full copy of the regulations as well as the applications may be obtained through MaltaRightNow, for both KKI 2019.

KKI Junior 2019 was held as part from the Independence celebrations 2019. The festival was open for singers who got 6 years and 11 years.


Every singer is fill free to submitted any number of songs. The important dates for the KKI Junior 2019 was the Submission must enter on Friday 31 August, 2018 (from 9.00am till 7.00 pm), and the last the Submission must enter till Monday 3 September, 2019. The application fee was € 50.

Although it was plain the Eliminatory Phase on 6 September, 2019, For this festival submitted 20 songs and the organizers decided to passed on for the Final phase when then will sign (half playback) music on Cd, but singers must sing ‘live’. Infornt of a panel of seven jury.

The final night will be held on Wedesday 18 September, 2019 as a part of the Indipendence 2019 feast days

First Eliminatory

On Wednesday 5 September, 2019 the 22 songs enter, was judge by a panel of seven jurys to chose from them the 20 finalist songs. Orginalary it was in all 23 songs, but one of the songs was withdrawn by the singer before the judging begain. All the songs submitted was know for the jurys by a Non-de-plum. So that no one could know who they are the singers authors and composer, before the 20 finalist was annouced.


The 22 songs were judged by

Under the observation of Notary Dr.Liam Sciberras and assist by Steve Mifsud

The Running Order Festival

Here are the 20 finalist Songs:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Composers Televoting Video
01 Leon Saliba Bugeja Kliem Fis-Skiet Ivan Debattista Gillian Attard 52302072 (Click for Video)
02 Aaliyah Vella Did-Dinja Kiefra Ivan Debattista Gillian Attard 52302073 (Click for Video)
03 Teo Zammit Naħseb B'Moħħi Joe Chircop Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila 52302074 (Click for Video)
04 Yazaiah Scicluna Galea Imżewqin Rita Pace Philip Vella 52302075 (Click for Video)
05 Kaylie Ann Cassar Jien Naf Rita Pace Mark Spiteri Lucas 52302076 (Click for Video)
06 Rihanna Azzopardi Ningħata Paul Ellul Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila 52302077 (Click for Video)
07 Nathaniel Attard Burdati Emil Calleja Bayliss Philip Vella 52302078 (Click for Video)
08 Klara Vassallo, Jade Marie Muscat L-Identita Elaine Vella Andrea Cassar 52302079 (Click for Video)
09 Eksenia Sammut Oħt il-Għerf Emil Calleja Bayliss Mark Spiteri Lucas 52302080 (Click for Video)
10 Elisa Andrea Muscat Sa Minn Ċkuniti Paul Ellul Mark Spiteri Lucas 52302081 (Click for Video)
11 Krista Šujak Ma Jonqosni Xejn Rita Pace Marco Debono 52302082 (Click for Video)
12 Mychael Bartolo Chircop Tuni Ċans Emil Calleja Bayliss Andy Shaw 52302083 [ (Click for Video)]
13 Launa Schembri Li Ma Kienx Għalik Rita Pace Marco Debono 52302084 (Click for Video)
14 Kaylee Cutajar Flimkien Christopher Azzopardi Chan Vella 52302085 (Click for Video)
15 Krista Šujak Fuq Bandla Emil Calleja Bayliss Marco Debono 52302086 (Click for Video)
16 Martina Schembri Ċafċifa Emil Calleja Bayliss Andrew Zahra 52302087 (Click for Video)
17 Bradley Cachia Żommni Taħt Idejk Mulej Rita Pace Marco Debono 52302088 (Click for Video)
18 Leah Cauchi Seħer It-Tfulija Rita Pace Elton Zarb 52302089 (Click for Video)
19 Kensley Ciappara Malta Tiegħi Rita Pace Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila 52302090 (Click for Video)
20 Kira Copperstone Leanne Carabott Kelsey Carabott Ġawhar Rita Pace Mark Scicluna 52302091 (Click for Video)

The Festival Comperes

This year the Festival was presented by Christine Haber and Emma Cutajar


The 20 songs were judged by

Under the observation of Notary Dr.C. Vella assisted by Mario Axiaq and Chief Judge Noel D'Amato

Special Guests


This year was given a prize for the Televoting by the Public, Prize For Third Place, Prize For Second Place, First Place. The Presentation for held by the PN Secretary Clyde Puli.

Winner Finalist

Age between 6 years to 11 years

No Singers Songs Lyrics Composers Video
01 Kaylie Ann Cassar Jien Naf Rita Pace Mark Spiteri Lucas (Click for Video)
02 Teo Zammit Naħseb B'Moħħi Joe Chircop 'Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila (Click for Video)
03 Rihana Azzopardi Ningħata Paul Ellul 'Kaya' Priscilla Giordano Psaila [ (Click for Video)]

Other Prizes

• Televoting Prize:-