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Julie Ann Zahra (born 25 March 1982) is a Maltese vocalist and actress. She obtained a degree in Sociology and a Post graduate in teaching. She's a classically trained singer who has been actively involved in music from a very young age. She took part in many local and international festivals, TV drama, music videos and theatre.

Julie grew up imitating Enya urged by her mother Monica who sadly passed away the same year Julie made her debut on TV at age 13. She was discovered by her songwriter uncle Joe Julian Farrugia who was impressed by her incredible vocal range and clever ability to interpret songs with her unique twist on phrasing. Julie extended her talents to acting, starred in TV adverts and played a major character in a popular TV series in Malta. After gaining a lot of publicity, Julie was offered a contract with Sony BMG in 2004 by which time she had already won various Festivals in Europe and never placed lower than 3rd in anything else.

That same year, she represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, Turkey. As part of the duo "Julie & Ludwig", she managed to qualify to the final and placed 12th with the song On Again... Off Again. Her performance intrigued BBC commentator Terry Wogan who remarked “At last we hear some proper singing”. Her strong dedication to teaching and classical music led her to pull out of mainstream music to pursue further studies.

Julie moved to the UK to expand her singing career and to continue studying Classical voice. She is known for her compelling stage presence and powerful voice, which she uses to belt out power. She completed her Royal School of Music Grade 8 and obtained her Diploma.

Working with Musical Identity UK, Julie launched a single entitled "No one in Heaven" which highlights the change in direction of the singer and her influences. In the UK Julie was a teacher at the Performance Academy of Newcastle College and at All Saints College in Newcastle upon Tyne. She restarted her music career showing influences ranging from Jazz to Dance. Julie has collaborated with various major players including Roger Waters and Andrea Marongiu and worked with producer Owen Caruana constantly reinventing herself.

In 2009, Julie held a concert at St. James Centre for Creativity in Valletta performing a selection of unplugged Jazz standards and original numbers in an acoustic setting accompanied by a single guitar.

Julie Zahra released an EP album in the UK through Musical Identity UK on the 18 November 2013 with a mix of Jazz inspired cool alternative songs entitled “No Loving”. It is a collection of 7 Cool Alternative songs which showcase the singer’s wide vocal range from the powerful radio friendly “Take me away” to the more mellow piano based “With You”. Julie’s gripping performance includes other world class London based artists such as Crystal Fighter’s drummer Andrea Marongiu, Jazz bassist Lorenzo Bassignani from Groove Razors and Mars Patrol’s keyboardist Matt Baker. The whole project was composed, produced by Owen Caruana at Musical Identity UK studio and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios.