Joseph Grech (bandmaster)

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Mro. Joseph Grech

Maestro Dr. Joseph Grech Ph.D (Nott.). M.Phil (Music) (Melit.), B.A. (Hons) Music (Melit.), F.L.C.M., L.L.C.M., A.L.C.M. from of Victoria, Gozo born on the 27 March 1971.

He started his artistic career in music at age seven and received his early musical instruction under such distinguished teachers as Ms. Rossignaud, Paul Borg and Lawrence Borg leading to his diplomas – A.L.C.M., L.L.C.M. and F.L.C.M. in brass playing.

For seven years, Grech had conducting lessons under the eminent Maestro Joseph Sammut (founder of the Malta National Orchestra and Resident Conductor till the mid-90's).

Among his various posts, Mro Grech was Choir Director of the Marija Assunta Cathedral Choir (1989-1994) and the Aurora Opera House Choir. Under his baton as Music Director, Nadur’s Mnarja Band Club (1992-) performed at the renowned Ariston Theatre in San Remo.

He is also the Founder and Music Director of Żebbuġ’s Santa Marija Band (1993-). In 1995, Joseph Grech graduated B.A. (Hons.) in Music from the University of Malta with his thesis Brass Soundscapes Since the End of the Modern Era. As from 1990 he has been teaching brass instruments at the Sannat School of Music while in1995 he was appointed as a full time music teacher at Sir Mikiel Anġ Refalo – Centre for Further Studies (a post he still occupies).

Mro. Joseph Grech jidderiġġi waqt wieħed mill-kunċerti tiegħu

In 1996, Mro. Grech co-founded the student- teacher group The Helping Hands Group. As the group’s Music Director and Chairman, he was primarily responsible for boosting the musical genre with such performances as Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The Best of Musicals, The Scarlet Pimpernel, A Night with the Musicals and Les MisSaigon. Guerre the last of which featuring the National Orchestra at the Hilton Malta Theatre.

Maestro Joseph Grech obtained his M.Phil degree from the University of Malta with his thesis 19th Century Music at the Gozo Cathedral following extensive research at the Gozo Cathedral’s Music and Chapter’s Archives. Mro Grech is also the Music Director of the Oratory Don Bosco Theatre and the founder/musical director of the Gozo Youth Wind Band & Orchestra (founded in 2002). In July 2018, Mro Grech graduated as a scholar after reading for a PhD degree in Musicology at The University of Nottingham.