Jade Amber Muscat

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Jade Amber Muscat

Jade Amber Muscat was born on the 26 August of 1997 at Tal-Pietà at St Luke’s Hospital. She is a Singer and Model.

She grow up and lived in Mosta with her younger brother, and her parents.

Jade Amber Muscat

She always like and loved to singing at the early age and when she grew abit older, her mum decided to take her for singing lessons.

This happened when she was turned 11. Her vocal teacher was Priscilla Psaila (Kaya), she always tries to do the best for here.

Jade Amber took part in the first competition Future Stars with the song Only Hope by Mandy Moore. She won 3rd place and was really happy that on her first competition she came 3rd.

After she took parts in other festivals such as L-Għanja tal-Maltin with an original song L-Anġlu Ħabib by Stephen Baldacchino and Dominic Cini (Minik).

In this festival Jade Amber won Stardust Promotion Award of section A and B. Later on she took part in Ilħna Novelli with the song Listen. The song that she was going to compete with in her section there was already someone else and she didn't wabt to drop it. So Jade Amber chose to sing the song in the adult category, and she won 2nd. She was very satisfied that she was only 14 years and won in the adult category.

In 2012 she took part in Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza in the section of Talent Zgħazugħ with my original song Ftakart fl-imħabba composed by Priscilla Psaila (Kaya) and Christopher Azzopardi and she was chosen with the top 10.

Jade Amber started modeling in 2012. When saw a competition on facebook and there where about 20 girls taken part. She won this competition and so she won a free photo modeling course. Later on she took part in Miss model and Best male model of the World (Malta) in the teen category and was chosen with the top 5.

In 2013 she took part in Le Sten at Assisi in Italy Miss Vipaj. It's a modeling competition which the participate need to choose another talent and obviously Jade Amber chose singing.

She sang the song Bound to you of her favourite singer Christina Aguilera.

She won too Miss Teen Vipaj and Best Singer. 10 girls were chosen to participate in Miss a new star la stella per lo Spettacolo. It was a very nice experience. Future is infront of her to get more opportunities and experience.

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