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Ingrid Sciberras

Ingrid Sciberras was born in San Ġiljan, on 27 February 1967. Ingrid Sciberras is an established Flamenco Dancer and Teacher in Malta.

She started her Flamenco training with Rosana Maya at a late stage in her life. She obtained all certificates in Alianza Flamenca, including her Teachers Diploma, whilst strengthening her training by attending workshops with re-knowned Flamenco Maestros in Spain.

In 2005 Ingrid moved to Seville, Spain for a while to further her training in Flamenco dance . Whilst there she had the opportunity to train with various teachers like Maria del Mar Moreno, Manolo Marin, Alicia Marquez, Manuela Carrasco, Angel Muñoz, Jose Galvan, Inmaculada Aguilar, Soraya Clavijo, Being in Spain helped Ingrid understand the culture of the Southern region, Andalucia, which reflects a lot on the various aspects of Flamenco dance.

Training & Experiences

Ingrid Sciberras

Ingrid started her flamenco training with Rosana Maya in 1992 at College of Jazz. In 2000 she moved to Alegria under the direction of Rosana Maya and continued her training obtaining Certificates in all the levels of Alianza Flamenca including her Teachers Diploma. She eventually was asked to form part of Alegria dance Company. From the year 2000, she has been regularly attending the Annual Festival de Jerez, obtaining certificates of choreography with many flamenco artists. During her time as a student with Rosana Maya, Ingrid participated in various performances, both of the school (Carmen, Maya on Flamenco, Trilogy, Dance Fusion)and local festivals and events (Notte Bianca, Oħloq Tbissima, Riflessi Sajfin, Bay Street Launch, Malta Song Festival, Comedia del Arte, La Traviata, Spain’s National Day celebration, Għana Fest etc.

In 2007, following various visits to Mumbai, India with Rosana Maya, performing and teaching there, Ingrid decided to stay in India and further her research on the roots of Flamenco. Living in India gave her the opportunity to learn a few Indian Classical Dance genres and discovering the similarities some of them had to Flamenco dance. During her stay there, Ingrid gave various performances in Festivals and Organisations and regularly gave classes of Flamenco dance, thus establishing a branch of Alegria in Mumbai, India.

In 2009, Ingrid took over the ownership and direction of Alegria, re-naming it Alegria, Academia de Baile Flamenco. To date, Ingrid continues to run the Academy and the Company, Alegria Dance Company.

Performamces & Projects

Since the take-over of Alegria Academia & Dance Company, Ingrid has produced 4 Academy Performances, Café Diez (2010), Pasion Flamenco (2011 Gozo), Una Forma de Vivir (2012), Aire Flamenco (2014). She has performed and directed to get here with Alegria Dance Company in the following events, Notte Bianca (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), Europe Day Celebrations (2010/2015), Carmen (Opera in Gozo 2010), Għanja tal-Poplu (2013 and 2015), Jerez Puro Esencia (guest artist with Maria del Mar Moreno, Manoel Theatre 2013), Divas (2014), Għana Fest (2015). In January of 2015, Alegria Dance Company, with the support of Arts Council Malta travelled to Guwahati, Assam, India to participate in a youth festival Alcheringa 2015.

Ingrid is currently working on several projects including her Academy Performance in 2016. She also has multiple experience in the organization of various artistic events, lecture demonstrations, seminars and theatre productions.

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