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Ingrid Schembri

Named Ingrid Jane Melanie Schembri, I was born on the 1st June 1972 in a private Hospital then named after The Blue Sisters. After having completed senior school studies at the Sacred Heart Convent I soon started working with my family business, ‘Merhba Pharmacy’.

I was born with music in my veins. Since early childhood my grandmother, Josephine Schembri, a piano teacher, sat me on a high stool with cushions in front of her piano and taught me the rudiments and theory of music.

I was very young then, just three years old. That was the beginning of my love story with music. From there I continued my studies and exams of The Royal School of Music.

Singing ran in the family too. My father, Reginald, a Tenore di Dolcezza, still participates in all sorts of vocal events such as operas, concerts, sacred music etc. My mother, Isabel, helped me in no small way through her constant encouragement and support.

Ingrid Schembri singing with Joseph. C Aquilina and Melga

My strong religious and spiritual streak was imbued in me by my other grandmother, Mary Gatt, who would accompany me to the Legion of Mary, Mass and various spiritual youth commitments until I was old enough to attend my first Charismatic prayer group at the age of 16. This was the beginning of my strong passionate lure in my life which from then on never seized even in troubled waters.

I felt and still feel a continous urge to compose, sing, praise and worship the Lord. This led me to record my music and kept busy in participating in programmes on television and radio. I also produced my own programme on radio stations based on spirituality, motivation and positive thinking that offered me the opportunity to praise God who gave me all these virtues.

I launched three Cd albums, each containing twelve original songs. Lejk Jien Immil launched September 2010 gave me an energy to continue with very encouraging sales. Hawn Jien Adonai was launched in September 2012 and complemented my first. Fis-Silenzju u Fis-Skiet was launched in November 2016 and is proving to do all that it was meant to do, that is being good company to all who seeks refuge in God.

My biggest satisfaction is when I listen to my music sung in churches, choirs or on radio or television. Practicly each song I composed carries a spiritual message which can alleviate a heavy heart and offers company to a searching soul.



  • Lejk Jien Immil (2010)
  • Hawn Jien Adonai (2012)
  • Fis-Silenzju u Fis-Skiet (2016)

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