Il Suono del Silenzio

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Il Suono del Silenzio (The Sound of Silence) was an exhibition by the artist Jean Karl Izzo.

This exhibition consists of a series of works produced from ideas developed within the past four years on canvas, board and paper using paint and mixed media.

It is a clear explanation of the artist’s forte – his sense of space and creating art out of a vacuum. The artist, as creator, gives value to the void. The spaces in Izzo’s art constitute the main attribute to create that unique element of identity immediately beyond the threshold of the exposition gallery. The viewer will find himself in a dimension where everything is part of the infinite artistic universe. Even spaces become an intrinsic element of the artistic process, from the space around the works of art, to the entire environment surrounding the spectators.

Artistic expressions where art is truly free / where forms play with each other and the colour and texture transmit different emotions / where art and nature embrace, undressed from the unessential / minimal artistic approach where the artist strips down detail from nature, architecture and landscapes, leaving us with the essential: line, colour, and form, to create these reductive yet complex works of art.


7th November 2009 and the 13th December 2009: St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity[1]

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