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Sunday 15 August 2010 (Michael Bugeja - The Sunday Times of Malta)

It’s no secret that most music is inspired by what goes on around us, but not many bands actually delve through their country’s history and use it as source material for their music. This is exactly what Memento Nostri have been doing for quite some time now, and the result of the quartet’s hard and meticulous work will be revealed when the band launches its promo album Pro Patria and a video during a live audiovisual performance at Montekristo Estates on Saturday. Frenzy Mono will be the supporting act and all proceeds from the event will go towards the Puttinu Cares fund.

More than just history, Pro Patria is wholly inspired by The Great Siege of 1565, in no uncertain terms one of the most important events in the history of Malta and its people. What metal and history have in common isn’t perhaps too clear, but a closer look at the band and particularly, the concept that led to its formation, reveals that there is more than just metal music to Memento Nostri’s historically-inspired artistic expression. Indeed, while the band’s metal tendencies form the core of this project, the music also incorporates Maltese folk, Ottoman folk, classical and neo-classical elements, each playing a vital part in enhancing the band’s vision of exporting history through Metal.

Memento Nostri is Michael (vocals and guitars), Alexia (vocals), Mark (guitars and orchestrations) and Rex (bass guitar). Pro Patria will be launched on Saturday at Montekristo Estates. Tickets cost € 5 (concert and events only), € 13 (including CD) and € 20 (including CD and T-shirt).

Memento Nostri at MySpace