Għaqda Każini tal-Banda

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The Band Clubs Association started back in 1947.

The purpose of this Organisation is to take care of the interests of its partners by: • Supporting and strengthening the relationship between Band Clubs Organisations; • Assisting in their general needs and deal with problems and difficulties encountered; • Working to improve the level of teaching and appreciation of musical arts in band clubs in Malta.

The Organisation is purely voluntary and its work leaves no profit from the activities organized by it. Financial Help for Band Clubs Scheme The Malta Arts Council always recognizes the importance of the Band Societies within the Clubs Association Band, not only in fostering musical culture but also in protecting and strengthening the cultural traditions in our country.

All this is made primarily on a voluntary basis and thus adds to the ongoing work of these societies, is for the third consecutive year launching the scheme entitled “Financial Help for Band Clubs Scheme”.

As part of the Collaboration and Strengthening Implementative Program, this scheme is being administered by the Band Clubs Association with the Malta Arts Council within the same Ministry of Justice and Local Councils. In many towns and villages, both in Malta and Gozo, the Band societies are an integral part of both social and cultural aspects of our country. The activity of these band societies inside the clubs and their warehouses never stop, apart from their main objective that is always teaching music almost anywhere free of charge to many children and young people, there is the skill and also the art of mantling both the old and even what has been done in recent years mainly used in the occasions during the festive days in the community. It is a fact that these societies are constantly engaged in other activities of such cultural and even traditional such as music concerts, embellishment their clubs and exhibitions at different times of the year. These activities are not only linked with the Catholic holidays, but also others such as, original musical productions, restoration of existing fittings, yearly publications which are all are evidence of how important band societies are within our country. However, the core of their activities remains the feasts which in themselves are the living testimony of the country's culture.

The traditional playback of band marches, the beautiful decorations and pyrotechnics and even our sense of community in the feasts are an evidence of the continued commitment of the band societies. Band Societies that are registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, which they do this, for reasons of transparency and good governance where most of them have very nice buildings, with some of them are old carry out various heritages and composed of many items of historical value such as music, instruments, fine decorations and many other things.

The main motive behind this scheme is that once again after the success of the two previous schemes, this financial scheme is again launched to give space to the respective Band Societies for initiatives and proposals which will include;

a. Restoration of the goods / works to such paintings, musical archives, decks, antique instruments, standardi, decorations, etc;

b. Enhancement, embellishment and restoration of existing infrastructure from which they can make the music learning and performance environments more professional and / or to carry out their work more effective and accessible and in accordance with the laws of the country;

c. Assisting the conductors, the conductors’ assistants and their teacher in a program of education and musical training aimed for them into educational Maltese tertiary level Institutions and what study and teaching programs are organized in collaboration with the Unity Band Clubs;

d. Purchasing a set of Band instruments that are not most commonly used and / or are completely lost and have significance importance in the progress of Band Music;

e. Restoration of existing scaffolding particularly fittings/decorations that it are old and needs to be restored;

f. Strengthening collaboration between Band Societies and their musicians;

g. Strengthening their internal management systems and their band musicians and should be complemented to those of the Band Clubs Association;

h. Implementing innovative projects that will expand their musical activities both in Malta and abroad in which activities must be sustainable;

i. other innovative projects which are related to this scheme.