Frans Cassar Il-Bloqq

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Frans Cassar Il-Bloqq

Frans Cassar Il-Bloqq.

is an improvised verse folk singer. He was born on the 2nd of August 1946 and hails from Santa Venera. Cassar claims to be Ir-Re tal-Għana.

He has performed with many folksingers including Ġużi Bajada r-Regett and Żaren Ellul ta' Fellusu.

Cassar started folk singing in 1978 and is popularly known for the cup challenge bouts of improvised verse, spirtu pront, he has participated in the last few years.

On these occasions, rather than doing the somber clothing that folksingers usually wear, he turned up in flashy costumes aimed to increase the event from a battle of words to that of a spectacle.

Frans Cassar Il-Bloqq, folk singing in Żejtun, 2013.

He performs regularly on the folk music circuit.

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