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Footprints is a Christian rock band from Malta, active since 2000.

The band FOOTPRINTS was formed way back in 2000 by Hilary Spiteri (guitars) and brothers Jurgen (vocals & keys) and Keith Scicluna (bass). They lived in the same neighbourhood in the village of Qormi. Keen to share their love for music, they met regularly to practice and jam together. Eventually the band under the name FOOTPRINTS decided to go for a new music genre, being Christian Rock. The band was much sought after by parish priests to animate mass in various churches and venues around Malta. Likewise, FOOTPRINTS were eager to support the Church in Malta through its Christian music.

It was during the year 2004 that the band started writing original songs that were to be used by the band in youth outreaches and other events organised by the Maltese Diocese. The band’s line-up was consolidated in 2005 with the addition of Ivan Cassar (drums) as the band’s permanent drummer and in 2007 with Bernard Catania (guitars) as additional guitarist. In 2008, the band released its first single, Red Lines, a song dealing with issues such as racism, war, abortion and other forms of injustice. Following this single, the band was approached by the Gift of Life Foundation for the recording and eventual release of the second single entitled Gift Of Life. The song was accompanied by a music video directed and produced by Rene Rossignaud which was very well received and frequently aired on local TV stations.

Eventually in the Summer of 2009, the band issued its first EP in the name of Traces containing four songs : Gift of Life, Red Lines, Triq is-Salvazzjoni and Qawwa Mdawla. The EP also contained the music video of Gift of Life. Besides appearances in various festivals, Footprints has also collaborated with the Gift of Life Foundation through their second single, Gift of Life.

Their debut album 777 was issued early in 2011.

On 29 September 2012 they released a singled called So Long during a gig at the Upper Barraka Gardens in Valletta during the 7th edition of Notte Bianca. The song was also featured during the 314th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast by Toni Sant on the same day.

Alternative version

The band FOOTPRINTS was formed in 2000 by four young friends residing in the same neighbourhood and keen to share their love for music. A couple of years later, the band’s Catholic roots and interest in worship unanimously shifted its attention to the Christian Rock genre. It did not take long for the band members to start writing their own original material and profess their values and a positive message through music.

The current line-up is as follows: Jurgen Scicluna (Vocals and Keys), Hilary Spiteri (Guitars and Backing Vocals), Bernard Catania (Guitars), Keith Scicluna (Bass) and Ivan Cassar (Drums & Percussion).

Throughout the years, the band was invited to play in various events and youth gatherings in Malta. From 2006 to date, Footprints took part in the yearly KDZ World Youth Day Song Contest and the band was always awarded with a special mention for best lyrics and best performance. Furthermore, 2008 has been a very good year for the band with its participation in the 'Awakening Asaph' compilation, the XFM Virtual Rockstar competition and the release of the first single, 'Red Lines'. ‘Red Lines’ has been included in the 'Malta Rocks' compilation which was launched in July 2008.

In 2009, Footprints worked jointly with the Gift of Life Foundation to promote the beauty of life and its safeguarding. The single entitled ‘Gift of Life’ was recorded at Doyaya Studios under the direction of Boris Cezek. ‘The Gift of Life’ was the song which showcased the band and its musical talents. In fact soon after a music video, directed and produced by Rene Rossignaud, was launched on local media which was a valid means in spreading this positive message.

The year 2009 was full of activities for the Band with its participation in Notte Bianca, Puttinu Cares Marathon, KNPD outreaches and various other concerts in Malta and Gozo.

During 2010, the Band started working on an album containing all its original songs compiled since its formation. Nevertheless, apart from the studio work, Footprints were busy on the road with live performances such as the KDZ World Youth Day Song Contest 2010 and the Valletta Waterfront Christian Concert held in April 2010 on the occasion of the Pope’s visit to Malta.

In 2011, Footprints marked its ten year anniversary, which was celebrated with the official release and launch of their debut album entitled ‘777’. The album showcases eight original songs which focus on one’s life pilgrimage in God’s presence and love. The album was accompanied by a music video, directed by Rene Rossignaud, featuring one of the album’s headliners ‘The Long-Lined Road’. Subsequently, ‘Here Before You’ and ‘Listen’ were released to compliment the band’s constant appearance on local media and various invitations to perform during national fundraising activities: ‘L-Istrina’, ‘Dar tal-Providenza Fundraising’ and ‘Ohloq Tbissima’.

Simultaneously, the band got involved in other projects. Later in 2011, soon after the release of their debut album, they got back at Doyaya Studios, under the direction of Boris Cezek, to set down the song ‘F’Dar il-Mulej’, which was duly released together with its music video. Also the band followed its voluntary work through its music ministry at the Kordin Correctional Facility, San Blas Rehabiliation Centre and Dar tal-Providenza.

Early 2012, Footprints set their feet back in the studio. Work has started in compiling and setting music material for an up and coming double compilation; a collection of songs in Maltese language and a second album, which are duly to be released in late 2013.

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