Fifth and Sixth Chakra: Sound Vibration

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Fifth and Sixth Chakra: Sound Vibration is a painting by Anna Grima.

This work forms part of the Art+Feminism 2020 exhibition, presented at Spazju Kreattiv in February and March 2020.

Artist’s Statement

Over many years I have translated my thoughts into tangible forms, integrating geometric shapes as a symbolic language within my compositions - thoughts form one’s own theory of mind. Words on the other hand can sometimes make thoughts even harder to express or understand.

My main concern however, is to depict the information visually so as to impact the viewer across age and literacy, and I only hope that my artworks bring a sense of equilibrium through presence and experience.

With this painting I depict my opinion regarding the future direction of feminism which I believe will rely and depend on intuition and communication.

Functional 6th chakra energy develops an ability to see beyond the intellect, beyond the emotion - and dare to dream. And functional 5th chakra energy dares to speak.

These attributes are prerequisites for future narratives of integrity and for future agents of change.

Artwork as displayed during Art+Feminism Exhibition 2020 - February 2020

5th & 6th Chakra Sound Vibration by Anna Grima