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| 08||[[Renato]] Micallef|| || || ||[[Alexandra Rubin]]||[[Germany]]
| 08||[[Renato]] Micallef|| || || ||[[Alexandra Rubin]]||[[Germany]]
| 09||[[The Tramps]]||Sinjur Ġib Il-Paċi||[[John Ellis]]||Dominic Grech||[[Jana]]||[[Czechoslovakia]]
| 09||[[The Tramps]]||Sinjur Ġib Il-Paċi||[[John Ellis]]||[[Dominic Grech]]||[[Jana]]||[[Czechoslovakia]]
| 10||[[Mary Rose Mallia]]|| || ||  ||[[Oto Pestner]]||[[Yugoslavia]]
| 10||[[Mary Rose Mallia]]|| || ||  ||[[Oto Pestner]]||[[Yugoslavia]]

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The First Edition of Festival Internazzjonali tal-Kanzunetta Maltija – 1981. It was decieded that this Festival began to organized in the last week of March to be also part from the celebration of Jum il-Helsien (Freedom Day) and after this idea was ex-Minister and later on the First women President of the Republic of Malta Miss Agatha Barbara. The Ministry of Labour, Culture and Social Assistance is organizes this first International Festival of Maltese Song This Festival was composed with 12 Maltese song and other 12 foreigner singer who sung the Maltese song in their own language and among this they sung another success song from their repretorial.


The Festival was spread on three days between Thursday 26 March, 1981, Friday 27 March, 1981 and Saturday 28 March, 1981.

The Festival also was view on MTV under the direction of Michael Darmanin Tickets prices for the Festival, for the two nights , were Lm 2 and Lm 2.50. And after the show there where transport for everwhere.

First Day of The Festival

In the First day of the Festival all the Maltese were present, and the foreigner singers from eleven different countries sung the songs in their own language.

Singers and Songs

Here are the 12 Maltese Songs featured in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music Foreigner Singer Country'
01 Tony Camilleri & Frank O'Neill L-Ittra Frank O’Neill Frank O’Neill Barry Mason England
02 Edwin Vella Maruca Spain
03 Marisa Vella Telegramm Alfred C. Sant Alfred C. Sant Lolita Italy
04 Joe Dalli Ferece Demjen Hungary
05 Tony Gauci Rose Brown Switzerland
06 Joe Cutajar Labi Siffre Luxemburg
07 The Links Tom Meyer Holland
08 Renato Micallef Alexandra Rubin Germany
09 The Tramps Sinjur Ġib Il-Paċi John Ellis Dominic Grech Jana Czechoslovakia
10 Mary Rose Mallia Oto Pestner Yugoslavia
11 Doreen Galea Bogdana Karadotcheva Bulgaria
12 Mariella Pace Asciak Bogdana Karadotcheva Bulgaria

The Orchestra

All of the singers sung live with a 36 piece Orchestra under Mro. Anthony Chircop and Mro. Joseph Sammut.

Festival Comperes

The Presenters of this Second Edition of the Festival Internazzjoni tal-Kanzunetta Maltija – 1981 where Norman Hamilton and Maria Camilleri.

The Winners

Here are the 3 Maltese Songs winners in the final:-

No Singers Songs Lyrics Music
01 The Tramps Sinjur Ġib il-Paċi John Ellis Dominic Grech
02 Tony Camilleri & Frank O’Neill L-Ittra Frank O’Neill Frank O’Neill
03 Marisa Vella Telegramm Alfred C. Sant Alfred C. Sant

Second Day of The Festival

On the Second day of the Festival the three winner songs sung again in Maltese and in the foreigner version. And After all the foreigner singers sung a song from their repretorial.

Presentation Night

The presention Night was held in the Grand Hotel Verdala with a dinner dance, and thei r where the three winners songs and all the foreigner singers taken part for this presention.


Others Prizes