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Eve Ransom

Eve Ransom is a rock group from Malta played Alternative Rock.

Members Vocals/Guitars : Brendan Guitars  : Ken Bass  : Alan (a.k.a Landa) Drums  : Daryl

The name Eve Ransom needs no introduction with the locals! After taking a few months off from the public eye to work on new material, Eve Ransom returned in the summer of 2009 with their powerful ballad Soundtrack to a smile which was released in July and peaked at Number One on Bay’s Top 10 in August, where it remained for two weeks. Recorded at Doyaya Studios and produced by Boris Cezek, the single is the follow up to last year’s controversial Alisha’s Room, which raised the issue of child abuse yet was banned from some radio stations.

Eve Ransom resisted pressure and went along with telling the story in their own way and eventually one major station agreed to play it. Alisha’s Room was a smash hit and got the band nominated for Best Band.

The band have continued the momentum by releasing their follow-up single, Evergreen in early October, which promises to be yet another big hit for the boys.

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