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EthnaMorte is a London-based experimental world music rock band, led by Maltese guitarist Malcolm Callus.

The sound of EthnaMorte is a collection of different types of music from diverse corners of this world!

Hence the “ethna” as a reference to the various ethnicities that helped shape contrasting kinds of world music around the globe, and “morte” (Italian for “death”) to reflect the band's gusto to promote the death of musical boundaries by experimenting with same variants as tools not limitations!

It was late 2007 when London based El Gool & Di Lullo met & started putting tunes together. The duo hit the stage soon after, enhancing their line-up along the way by recruiting vocalist Cuorenero & percussionist Guerilla Man who later moved to vocals too.

This beast known as EthnaMorte re-shaped and continues to re-shape itself to date. In a bid to deliver a different aural painting at each live show, we are always on the lookout for more musicians playing different instruments.

If you think you got something to contribute to EthnaMorte's dark twist, please contact us on!

Nov 2008 "Jego Cego" live clip taken from our 1st live show as a quartet. Filmed by after being selected as Upcoming Talent Band of the Month.

Sept 2009 "A Different Shades of Beauty, the Perfect Shades of Madness" released as the 1st EthnaMorte music clip. Also available as bonus video on our CD "Sombra de um Mundo atras do Vidro". Filmed in Hamburg, Germany through the lens of Niko Samalekos! Thanks to all his production team of actors, make-up artists, cameramen, etc.

2010 Band reshaped into a duo. It is working better, although we still seek a bassist and a synth player.

2011-2012 More than an album's worth of new material has been composed, with some of the songs already premiering live. From Nov 2011 to May 2012 the band was busy recording some of this material, which is now scheduled for a 30/11/2012 release entitled "Calling All Tribes"

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