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Enzo Gusman

Enzo Gusman born on 9 August, 1947 in Sliema in the picturesque Island of Malta, He is a Singer, composer and author and Radio and TV Presenter.

Married to another Maltese singer who , also, had a great career ..... Carmen Schembri and they have two daughters, Johanna and Greta.

Enzo Gusman is , practically, the only Maltese performer who has achieved International acclaim. He has represented his country, the Republic of Malta, in numerous Festivals all over the world.

Top comic actor Johnny Navarro was the person who discovered Enzo and invited him as a resident singer on Rediffusion in a programme called TIC TAC

Enzo started his career when he was 13……he , then, sang as lead singer with an all-Maltese band call The Boys way back in the early sixties.

In 1968 he represented Malta in the Olympiade De La Chanson in Athens, Greece. Singing a romantic ballad, Enzo was an immediate success..

Since that first success, he was also successful in the:-

World Popular Song Festival, Tokyo, Japan, Festival Internacional De la Cancion, Vina del Mar, Chile, Olympiad De La Chanson, Athens , Greece, Alexandria International Song Festival, Alexandria Egypt, Castlebar International Song Festival, Castlebar, Ireland, Cavan Inetrnational Song Festival Cavan, Ireland, Istanbul International Song Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, Festival Menschen und meer Rostock. DDR, Festival Golden Orpheus Slantchev Bryag, Bulgaria.

His Major achievement was when he won the coveted ‘First Prize’ at the Golden Orpheus Festival in Bulgaria.

Enzo was also voted Best Foreign Artist at The Cavan International Song Festival, in Ireland, and was also declared Best Interpreter at the Istanbul International Song Festival in Turkey.

Enzo was also very well received during his tours of the United States, England, Australia, and Canada. Wherever he performs, Enzo is showered with superlative comments from the press. His vocal range, versatility, personality and joyfull character are often a favourite subject with music critics and colleagues.

Enzo writes most of his songs. In fact he has been also quite successful as a composer / author. As if singing and song-writing was not enough…..he, also produces and presents a “live” Radio show, daily…..airing several current and yesterday’s years hits…adding a touch of humor and personal opinions, aimed at encouraging audience response !

In Malta besides achieving several successes, he, also had to face certain disappointments !!

When, in 1974, he won the Malta Song Festival with the song Paċi fid-Dinja (Peace on Earth) written by himself, the local authorities decided that Malta would not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest!

In 1975 Malta was represented by Renato Micallef performing Singing This Song, in Stockhlom,

A year after , in 1976 , Enzo Gusman won the Malta Song Festival, again, with a song written by Ray Agius and Alfred C.Sant (Sing Your Song Country Boy / Tifkierit Tagħna it-Tnejn) …yet, although he recorded the song in England the authorities in Malta. Once again, decided that Malta could not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest !!!

Enzo Gusman Singing with Tony Camilleri and John Bundy

In 1995, Enzo Gusman, went to the Eurovision Song Festival, but not as a singer , but as a journalist reporting and representing PBS

Mike Spiteri sang Keep Me In Mind for Malta

In 1995 at the open-air Theatre, Ta’ Qali, Enzo, once again won the Malta Song Festival with a song written by him himself, ‘Din Għalikom il-Ħbieb Tiegħi’ (This be for you ... my friends) sung by himself with John Bundy and Tony Camilleri.

1997 Enzo emerged victorious at the Għanja tal-Poplu (The People Song Festival) with His composition It-Teatru (The Theatre).

Enzo has released one long-playing Album Fil-Pjazza tar-Raħal, and seven CDs,Made in Malta, Simply Brilliant, The Maltese Collection, Maltin u Għawdxin, Nirringrazzja Lill-Mulej.. illi s’issa għadni għaddej and L-aħjar ta’ Enzo Gusman.

All CDs sold well, while The Maltese Collection remained in the Maltese Charts for over a year !!

Enzo Gusman singing the Maltese National Anthem at National Stadium Ta’Qali

Apart from singing and composing, Enzo Gusman also had a career as a broadcaster ! He commenced broadcasting with Rediffusion in 1969 , presenting The Italian Hit Parade, weekly. In 1976 joined the Voice of Friendship and Solidarity Radio Station, where he launched an intimate and interaction daily radio show entitled Bejn il-Ħbieb (Between Friends), that made him ever more popular…… In 1979 Enzo had emigrated to the Canada along with his wife Carmen and two daughters Johanna and Greta. In Canada, besides continuing his career as a banker , he also was a regular broadcaster on CHIN Radio Toronto.

Back in Malta, in 1991, Enzo resarted his work as a singer and broadcaster….performing in most of Malta’s entertainment venues, while continuing with the daily broadcast of “Bejn il-Ħbieb” on Xandir Malta, Bay Radio, P.B.S., Radio 101, Calypso Radio and Radio Malta.

Today, grandfather of four, Enzo still managed to visit and spend time with family, in Canada every January and during the Summer months

All in all, Enzo is a very busy man, however , he still finds time to watch TV and spend HOURS on the net, and sometimes even play his favourite sport…football.

For some time, Enzo was , also, an announcer at the National Stadium at Ta’Qali reading the line-ups before kick-off and announcing scorers etc. He also enjoys singing the Maltese National Anthem, along with the visiting country’s Anthem, before International matches !

At Dicember 2011 Enzo was honored for his career, with the medal Midalja Għal Qadi tar-Repubblika.

Enzo’s motto in life’ In The World there are no strangers, there are only friends that we have ‘ never met’



  • Fil-Pjazza tar-Raħal


  • Made in Malta,
  • Simply Brilliant,
  • The Maltese Collection,
  • Maltin u Għawdxin,
  • Nirringrazzja Lill-Mulej.. illi s’issa għadni għaddej
  • L-aħjar ta’ Enzo Gusman


(Enzo Gusman)

  • Int (1966)
  • Dlonk Dlonk (1971)
  • Paċi Fid-Dinja (1974
  • Fil-Pjazza Tar-Raħal (1975)
  • Sing Your Song Country Boy (1975)
  • Tifkiriet Tagħna t-Tnejn (1975)
  • Awguri (1978)
  • What’ So Wrong With Crying? (1983)
  • I Just Cant’ Believe You’re Re Leaving (1983)

Enzo Gusman & Carmen Schembri & 1565

  • Minn Qiegħ Qalbi
  • Paċi Fid-Dinja (1974

Enzo Gusman & 1565

  • Paċi Fid-Dinja (1974

Enzo Gusman & The Main Item

  • Kantaw Ilkoll Flimkien (1975)
  • Żepp U Greżż (1976)
  • Kif Narak Kull Filgħaxilja (1976)

Enzo Gusman & The Dynamics

  • I’d Love To Sing A Long Song
  • Fis-Sewwa Jew Fid-Dnewwa (1977)

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