Enriqué Tabone

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Enriqué Tabone

Enriqué Tabone’s art is inspired by experimentation with a wide range of materials and media. The artist sees herself as an extension of the medium she is working with and vice versa. She intervenes in the material, developing an understanding of what it can do and the media it may be applied to. She uses this creative process to express feelings as well as evoke thought in the audience. Her work seeks to create an experience, allowing people to interact with art. People are invited to engage with the narrative elements of her work also by bringing in their own stories.

Her work, [Red Leaf], is a permanent seating sculpture in the Verdala Sculpture Garden in Buskett.

Tabone also produces design work, including wearable art and home products, such as a Flutter Colander, under the brand, QUE.[1]


  • 2008, 2009, 2011: Earth Garden Festival;
  • 2008: Notte Bianca;
  • 2011: Launch of Splendid Lounge;
  • 2010: Deception, a collective exhibition of upcoming contemporary women artists at Lascaris Wharf.

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