Dr Paul Psaila-Savona

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Dr Paul Psaila-Savona is a medical doctor and community leader in Perth, Western Australia.

Paul was born in Malta in 1938 and graduated MD from the Royal University of Malta in 1961. He obtained higher qualifications in Public Health and Occupational Medicine from the United Kingdom and Fellowships in Public Health and Occupational Medicine in Australia. 

Paul migrated to Australia in 1975 and at first worked with all socio-economic groups including disadvantaged persons in Western Australia. He was appointed Executive Director of Public Health for Western Australia, the highest statutory office in this field, advising the Minister of Health on public health issues.

Community Involvement

Paul has been chairman of several high-powered committees and member of professional working groups, both national and international.
Paul was elected inaugural President of the Maltese Professional and Business Association of Western Australia (MPBA) holding executive office within the Committee for over 22 years.

Paul was also the co-Chairman of the Child Migrants of Malta Committee and was actively involved in obtaining recognition and an apology from the Government, the Opposition and the Catholic Church in Malta for child migrants and the establishment of a monument in the Grand Harbour to honour them.

Paul is a member of the Federation of Maltese Living Abroad (2010-2013)

Award and recognitions

Paul was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his services by the Maltese Professional and Business Association. 
• Has four children and seven grandchildren.