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== External links ==
== External links ==

* [[http://www.dollsforidols.com Official website]]
* [http://www.dollsforidols.com Official website]

[[Category:A-Z of the Malta Music Scene]]
[[Category:A-Z of the Malta Music Scene]]
[[Category:Musical groups from Malta]]
[[Category:Musical groups from Malta]]

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Dolls For Idols are an electronic rock band based in Malta. The band consists of Clint Spiteri (Programming, Guitar and vocals), Erick Saliba (Bass) and Aaron Sammut (Drums).

Flaunting an intrinsic electronic vein underpinning indie and pop sensibilities, Dolls for Idols’s music has embraced a stronger element of synthesised sounds inspired by the 80s synthpop sensation and the 90s rave generation, all served up with an attitude that is very much rooted in the here and now

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