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Deborah Cassar k/a Deborah C

Deborah C is a pop singer from Għajnsielem, Gozo, whose full name is Deborah Cassar born 11 January, 1990. Deborah C aged 23, comes from the village of Għajnsielem Gozo. She has started her singing career at the early age of 9 and from there she paved the road to a successful career, attaining popularity both on the local and foreign scene. Her participation in the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest of 2005 was a significant step forward in the local music scene.

Deborah Cassar k/a Deborah C

She is the title holder of a FIDOF award and winner of the international Festival Golden Cross. In addition she took part in the Malta TV International Song Festival where she received a scholarship. Her performances abroad take us to several European countries including Russia and Macedonia where, in the latter, she was awarded the title of the Princess Of The Festival. Deborah has also given a performance at the 2010 VIVA World Cup event where she launched the track Enjoying Moments of Gold.

Russia, Belgium, Italy and Germany are the countries where Deborah has spent time recording new singles. Some of her most popular songs on the Maltese charts include Livewire and Pandora, a top public vote song at Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza. In 2012, Deborah C performed the song called You Make Me Go Uh U which featured Leila James. The song is written by Vervoort David and composed by Renier Patrick. Moreover, in September 2012, she won the prestigious festival Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and also the Televoting Award.

After her participation in the Malta Eurovision Final 2012, she has been collaborating with the local DJ Producer Toby and together released their new remix (Hitting the Bay Top 10 Chart).

Lately Deborah C has been in Lithuania to shoot a Music Video of her latest remix ‘You Make me Go’ which launched in 2012.

Deborah C is also a resident singer on one of Malta’s Sunday afternoon television shows, "Ħadd Għalik". Deborah is a full time student at the University of Malta. She finds the right balance between music and reading for a Bachelor of Arts in Maltese and Communications Studies. She has managed to spin her busy schedule to accommodate her artistic commitments.

In 2014 on 7 th and 8 th February in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Deborah C made it to the Final with her song Until We Meet Again in the fifth with 28 points.

On 21 November, 2014 Deborah C taken part in the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015, with the song It’s Ok, and she made it to the Final held at the Marsa Shipbuilding on Saturday 22 November, 2014 with the last sixteen song. She placed at the eleventh place with 12 points.



Year Songs Music Lyrics


Year Songs Music Lyrics

Collaborations Songs

Year Festivals Songs Performer Lyrics Music Videos
2012 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2012 You Make Me Go Uh Uh Deborah C feat Leila James David Vervoort Patrick Reiner (Click for Video)
2017 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Tonight Deborah C feat Josef Tabone Angie Laus,Sara Lljunggren Michael James Down,Jonas Gladnikoff, Primoz Poglajen (Click for Video)


Year Festivals Songs Lyrics Music Placed Videos
2005 Fl-Għaqda l-Melodija 2005 (9th Edition) Gżira tal-Ħolmiet Doris Chetcuti Mark Debono
2005 Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (3rd Edition) Closer Deborah C Cassar Deborah C Cassar 10th.Place (Check for Video)
2008 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2008 Pandora Gerard James Borg Philip Vella (Check for Video)
2011 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2011 Fjamma Gerard James Borg Philip Vella (Check for Video)
2011 Mitlufa Warajk (Check for Video)
2012 Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza 2012 Jekk Nużaw Moħħna Joe Chircop Mark Spiteri Lucas 1st Place (Check for Video)
2013 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Love-O-Holic Gerard James Borg Johan Bejerholm (Check for Video)
2014 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Until We Meet Again Muxu Matt Mercieca Elton Zarb (Check for Video)
2015 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 It's Ok Muxu Matt Mercieca Elton Zarb (Check for Video)
2016 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 All Around The World Michael James Down,Primoz Poglajen Matthew Ker, Jonas Gladnikoff (Check for Video)
2018 Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Turn It Up


Year Songs Lyrics Music Video
2017 Tonight Angie Laus,Sara Lljunggren Michael James Down,Jonas Gladnikoff, Primoz Poglajen (Check for Video)

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