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Complex Holiday is a record label founded in 2020. It is based in Malta and Brussels, Belgium. Although the general focus of the label is "inside-out ambient and sound art tomfoolery", it is more broadly active in the fields of experimental music, ambient music, sound art, avant-garde composition, field recordings and related genres.

The label released music by Ayn Il Widen, Kurt Buttigieg, Peter Sant, Robert Farrugia and other artists. Most of the label's releases are issued on short-run cassette and digital download.

Complex Holiday was founded by Kurt Buttigieg and is managed by Kurt Buttigieg and Robert Farrugia.


Ayn Il Widen
  • How to remain in perpetual contact with your surroundings (2020, CH-001, Cassette/Digital)
Robert Farrugia
  • Worn (2020, CH-002, LP/Digital)
Kurt Buttigieg
  • Unfolding (2020, CH-003, Cassette/Digital)
Peter Sant
  • The Interior (2020, CH-004, Cassette/Digital)
Guilhem All
  • Morbig (2020, CH-005, Cassette/Digital)
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