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Claire Tonna

Claire Tonna born 25 November, 1982 comes from Mosta from the island of Malta, singer songwriter Claire Tonna is the artist known for her profound exceptional voice and her performances; loved and praised for being a celebration of human emotions. She is the daughter of Brian Tonna, with whom she performed in public from a young age.

After decades of performing singing and playing Tonna's voice and music has developed its own class and nature and everywhere she goes she keeps leaving her listeners in awe and somehow emotionally healed.

Short in stature but big in personality; she shares this infectious smile that is permanently fixed on her face boosted by a sparkle in her eyes that lights up the entire room; and the fire that lies behind it all is simple, she says: It’s all about sharing my gift to make people feel themselves and awake the true beauty they are. I Write what heals my broken bones and sing it in the one voice we are, Human.

Since 2009 Tonna lived in Spain and its islands collaborating with various artists, producers and celebrated musicians creating amazing spaces through music and her powerful voice. She also combined her passion for humanitarian work with music and began to organize solidarity concerts in prisons, mental hospitals, orphanages and other marginalized spaces in Calcutta (India) and all round Spain.

Claire Tonna

Sharing what I love and what heals me as a human being and channeling it through music has made me a very happy and whole person, she says

This, she says, is what life is about: transforming the nothing and the everything into something beautiful for everyone.

Music can be means to deliver healing, love and joy and that’s what I want to do with all that I am as long as this voice of mine lets me sing. The voice is a gift and I feel it belongs to everyone and so should be shared.

Tonna released her debut studio album THE PORT , an innovative acoustic album holding works from writer Maria Mar, and produced by the legendary Mario Sammut (aka Cygna).

THE PORT was launched in New Zealand in the beginning of 2013.

In 2015 Tonna toured all over Spain for four months in theatres and prisons with her concert Night Skin a most empowering concert that dealt with the unbearable emotions we sometimes live as human beings such as abandonment, solitude, rejection and unlovingness. The concert tour has been most powerful, real and healing to all audiences experiencng it. It featured some of her new works such as Every Step is a Kiss and NightSkin ; material that is leaving every one in shock with beauty and resilience whom along with other new compositions will be released in her next album which she is passionalty working on.



  • The Port

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Recent Live performances/music

  • [4] 2015 Every Step is a Kiss - live at Earth Garden Festival
  • [5] - 2014 Night Skin - Live at Manuel Theatre
  • [6] - 2014 Your Mother Said - Live at Most Intimate Concert

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