Charles Saliba

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Charles Saliba

Charles Saliba Born in Marsa on January 22, 1951. Broadcaster, Presenter.

Charles started at a young age in the field of broadcasting first on Rediffusion, television and later Radio.

He presented several television programs on Xandir Malta, today TVM, as well as the Net station. He also broadcast several radio programs through Radio Malta, Voice of Friendship and Solidarity (Leħen il-Ħbiberija u Soledarjerta) a Radio Station lead by Lybians boardcast at Tas-Salib limit of Rabat, Malta and Radio 101, today Net FM.

He had presented his first television program in 1972. It was a television program that was broadcast live on the local station, then MTV (Malta Television).

Charles Saliba and Valeire Vella on TV

When the broadcasts began on Radio Malta Charles accepted the offer to start presenting the Italian record program Il Discobolo which was among the most popular of the 70's and in fact continued for 9 full years.

In 1980 Charles presented the television program Kroma, a musical quiz for young people, of which he was also a producer. It was so popular that for its final the police had to be brought in to control the mass of young people who had gathered to attend the final of the program.

Charles has presented several programs on television. He was part of Saturdays Together as well as presenting other programs including Ronda Weekend, Il-Vjaġġ it-Tajjeb, and Weekend. She also presented five editions of the Song For Europe festivals and all editions of the Miss Maltese Islands contests.

In 1994 she presented a number of evenings of the Miss Sicily pageant held in Sicily.

For some years he stopped broadcasting and later returned to Radio 101. He presented various song contests such as the Maltese Song Contests, and Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and on the Net station he presented the Life & Style program with Marbeck Spiteri.

Apart from his role in the field of radio and television broadcasting, Charles Saliba has spent many years working in the education sector. He also spent some years, active as a football Referee, and even played in the top divisions and even abroad, but his love of broadcasting and television left him aside from refereeing.

Charles Saliba has been married to Marion since June 1976. And lives at Naxxar The couple has two children and are grandparents of four.