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Charles Casha

Charles Casha was born in il-Marsa on the 21 September, 1943. He is a Prolific writer. He became a teacher by profession and served for over forty years in the education department until his retirement in 2004.

In 2007 he was awarded Ġieh il-Marsa by the Local Council of his native village and in 2013, the Local Council of Ħaż-Żabbar honoured him with Ġieh Ħaż-Żabbar.

In 2012 he was awarded the Midalja Għall-Qadi tar-Repubblika for his contribution to Maltese Literature and the Maltese Language.

In October 2012 Casha represented Malta as an author at the Tanpinar Literature Festival, in Istanbul, where he met several authors from other countries and gave talks to students at one of the Istek Schools.

His contribution, as a prolific writer, to Maltese Literature spreads over 40 years.

His writings are aimed at different ages although at times these two orientations seem to meet somewhere halfway. He explores situations and characters taken from real life and creates characters about whom he writes with love and respect describing them as if he were a portrait painter.

Most of his short stories, especially those in Burraxki form a kaleidoscope of characters who are continually facing the turmoils of life in different situations. The reader can identify with any of these situations and indeed the characters themselves. His stories are usually short but they surely make the reader reflect.

Casha makes his characters so real and sympathetic that the reader feels he needs to get to know more about them. The story of each character is usually so poignant.

His triology Minn tarf sa tarf tat-triq, Minn fuq l-Għatba u Mill-Gallarija may well be interpreted as the early memoirs of the author. He maintains that when he wrote the 68 stories of the triology, he was inspired by a nostalgic feeling of his childhood days and some of the village folk who gave life and shape to the village where he was born and brought up. This trilogy, besides entertaining to read, gives us a glimpse of post-war Malta, Maltese trade and traditions, religious rituals, entertainment, politics, the division of social classes and the influence of the English in Malta.

Reading Casha’s novels, short stories and poems one gets the impression that he was greatly influenced by the Maltese poet, Rużar Briffa, who he admits is his favourite poet, together with the contemporary poet Ġorg Borg.

In some of his writings, both for adults and young readers, he made good use of humour, although he admits that this genre is not his favourite. Fra Mudest, whom he created in 1967 for the Children’s Own, was his greatest success and has indeed become a legendary character in Maltese literature for children. Those who read the stories about the jolly friar when they came out in the late sixties and later in book form, are now grown ups, but they still cherish Fra Mudest as a much loved character of their childhood days.

As a teacher, Casha appreciated drama as an effective teaching tool. With this in mind, he wrote a number of plays for school children. Four of these plays, with a social theme, were published in Minn Bejn il-Kwinti.

Fantasy is another genre tackled by Casha and his book Il-Prinċep u t-Trogloditi was well received by young readers. This book was awarded first prize in the National Book Awards organized by the National Book Council.

In 1997 Casha published a book for young adults entitled Klabb: L-Għaxar Anniversarju which was awarded first prize in the children’s category of the National Book Prize organized by the National Book Council. His book is also aimed for young adults. In 2013 he was awarded first prize for his novel for teenagers L-Ewwel Darba li ħassejtek.

The first book in Maltese to be included in the International Children’s Digital Library was Pandolino/Galatea, written by the author. The main aim of this library is to inspire children to become members of the global community by placing international literature on line.

Casha was at times sidetracked in his ambition to write for adults for many years while he was producing books which he felt needed to be written. In spite of the strong demand he had for children’s literature, he managed to publish seven novels and six books of short stories for adults.

Books by Charles Casha

His novel L-Appartament fir-raba’ sular deals with the theme that time, as space in itself allows for people’s destinies to take shape. The concept of us all being victims of one another is also portrayed in this novel. The end of this novel is faithful to the flow of the narrative which is purely human drama. In this novel Casha did not make extensive use of dialogues as in Ktieb għal Amy but again, the ruminations and thoughts of the characters lead us to an interesting end. These two novels, are in a class of their own from the other three (Kolin, Stefan and Is-Seħer tat-Tempju) when it comes to style, narrative and genre. In his latest novel for adults, Il-Ktieb ta’ Barabba, a dying man expresses his wish with his childhood friend Dwinu B. (now a well established writer) to publish in a book certain episodes of his turbulent life.

Besides Burraxki, he published Għad-Dawl tal-lampa, and rakkontigriżi, two other collections of short stories.

Going back to books for young readers, in Avventura f’Għar il-Kbir, Il-Ħalliel tal-Figorini, Il-Misteru ta’ San Luċjan and Il-Misteru tal-Maqluba, Casha makes use of adventure as a vehicle to include interesting information connected with the locations where the story unfolds. In his latest novel for young readers il-baħri, Żaren, a retired seaman narrates a story to young children in the village, about a magic ring.

Mumenti and Riflessi hold a collection of his poems.

In one of his interviews published in a local paper, Casha categorically states that he cherishes certain values which do not change by time or become obsolete according to fashion. This he keeps in mind when he comes to write a novel or a short story. On the one hand he believes that literature should be free and authors should not be hindered from expressing what they feel but at the same time shuns those resorting to the use of vulgar language and sexual descriptions, solely aimed at increasing sales.

Charles Casha published an impressed total of 59 books in 57 separate publications, one of them his autobiography in 2013, under the title Jien Ukoll Għandi Storja xi Ngħid.

Charles is married to Mary nee’ Casingena and has three children Stefania, Mark and Kristjana Casha known for her role as 'Ġiżimina' in the drama Gizelle.

Books By Charles Casha 1968 - 2014

Here serveral list of books that was wright by Charles Casha:-

Children's Books

No. Children's Books Year Publisher
01 Fra Mudest 1971-1995-2012 Merlin Library
02 Matul is-Snin 1973 Merlin Library
03 Aktar Praspar Dwar Fra Mudest 1974-1996 Merlin Library
04 Darbtejn Insiru Tfal 1975-1996-2012 Klabb Kotba Maltin
05 Is-Salib tad-Deheb 1975-1989 Merlin Library
06 Il-Vleġġa Ta’ Robin Hood 1976 Merlin Library/Ladybird
07 Mill-Ħorġa ta’Fra Mudest 1977-2002-2012 Merlin Library
08 Il-Misteru ta’ San Luċjan 1979-1997 Klabb Kotba Maltin
09 Nitgħallem Naqra (series of four books) 1981/82 North Star Publications
10 Ħalli Nara x’Fhimt 1984 Merlin Library
11 Kun Af 1987 Merlin Library
12 Kemm Taf 1987 Merlin Library
13 Il-Ħalliel tal-Figorini 1988 Bugelli Publications
14 Kif Tibni Komponiment 1989 Merlin Library
15 25 Test 1990-1993 Merlin Library
16 Naqraw ma’ Reno u Sara 1994 Merlin Library
17 Naqraw ma’ Marjo u Liza 1995 Merlin Library
18 Mid-Dinja ta’ Fra Mudest 1995-2011 Merlin Library
19 Naqraw ma’ Mark u Tanja 1996 Merlin Library
20 Minn Bejn il-Kwinti 1996 PIN Publications
21 Fawwara 1998 Merlin Library
22 Avventura f’Għar il-Kbir 1999 Merlin Library
23 Ġummienu 2000 Klabb Kotba Maltin
24 Il-Misteru tal-Maqluba 2001 Klabb Kotba Maltin
25 Mid-Djarji ta’ Stefan u Marika 2001 Merlin Library
26 Mid-Djarji ta’ Lara u Robert 2002 Merlin Library
27 Pipettu 2002 Klabb Kotba Maltin
28 Il-Kliem bħaċ-Ċirasa 2004-2008 Agius and Agius/AVC
29 Ali Kali/Mammaroka 2004 Merlin Library
30 Pandolino/Galatea 2004 Merlin Library
31 Trasport 2006 PIN Publications
32 40 sena Fra Mudest 2007 Merlin Library
33 Vapuri tal-Karti 2008 Uptrend Publishing
34 Il-Prinċep u t-Trogloditi 2008 Klabb Kotba Maltin
35 Il-Baħri 2014 Klabb Kotba Maltin

Books For Teenagers

No. Books For Teenagers Year Publisher
01 Il-Klabb: L-Għaxar Anniversarju 1997 Merlin Library
02 Martina @ 2009 Klabb Kotba Maltin
03 L-Ewwel Darba li Ħassejtek 2013 Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb

Short Stories And Novels

No. Short Stories And Novels Year Publisher
01 L-Għalqa fuq il-Għolja 1968 Librerija it-Torċa
02 Għad-Dawl tal-Lampa 1978 Self Published
03 Kolin 1979 Klabb Kotba Maltin
04 Stefan 1984 Klabb Kotba Maltin
05 Is-Seħer tat-Tempju 1987 Klabb Kotba Maltin
06 Minn Tarf sa Tarf tat-Triq 1996 Agius and Agius
07 Ktieb Għal Amy 1999 Klabb Kotba Maltin
08 Minn Fuq l-Għatba 2001-2010 Klabb Kotba Maltin
09 L-Appartament fir-Raba’ Sular 2004 Klabb Kotba Maltin
10 Burraxki 2005 Klabb Kotba Maltin
11 Mill-Gallarija 2007 Klabb Kotba Maltin
12 Il-Ktieb ta’ Barabba 2010 Klabb Kotba Maltin
13 Rakkontigriżi 2011 Klabb Kotba Maltin


No. Autobiography Year Publisher
01 Jien ukoll għandi storja xi ngħid 2013 Klabb Kotba Maltin


No. Poems Year Publisher
01 Mumenti 2013 Self Published
02 Riflessi 2014 Self Published

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