Catherine Vigar

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Catherine Vigar

Catherine Vigar was born on 8 June, 1959. grew up with stubings in il-Gżira and at fourteen years she moved with her family, to San Ġwann, now lives with her son Miguel at Sliema. She is a Singer.

Catherine with her younger sister Glorianne and some of her friends were freekwently went to the Gżira Youth Centre where there were several others, enjoy in youth activities, taht were organized there, including drama and singing.

It was her sister Glorianne that shown here wish to enter sing in a Festival that would organize by the Gżira Youth Centre and also attracted to Catherine to take part also, Her mother was a surprise, but also encouraged them to participate, but Catherine had already begin singing, when she formed part of the school choir under the direction of soprano Antoinette Miggiani but in a Festivals never took part and proper entered in this Festival in 1973 and also ended issued winners, this was the baptism for Catherine w encouraged by that success also came to the edition of the year 1973-1974 of Crusaders Festival and again gained its second victory also.

One cpuld say here, that she had started her career, because it started to taken part in various festivals that were made at the time about all the various places like Mellieħa, Rabat, il-Gżira, Cospicua, Senglea, and Sliema, apart, so it was started an eye target, which was also approached to be one of the singers residing in the Piper Club, moreover, although to some extent was still below the age to sing in Night Clubs, continued to participate in more festivals also known as ‘Cansonissima’, organized by Mrs. Carmen Degiorgio and also even festival San Remo Giovani.

Over time continued to establish herself and started running into several hotels, renowned country had such Preluna Hotel, Mellieħa Bay Hotel, Casino, Hilton Hotel, Buskett Road House and many other places, continued addition, to participate in a number of festivals, more large and established, and also had several successes, where proper in 1976 had taken part in the Festival of Song For Europe 1976 done at theater Alambha Theatre, Sliema with song ‘Int u Jien’ (You and I), and was finished in second place.

After she countinue take part in several songs into other festivals, such as Festival bħal Kanzunetta Internazzjonali Maltija, Festival Kanzunetta Soċjalista, Festival Wardakanta, Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza, Festival l-Għanja tal-Poplu and several others.

Moreover it also had occasions to go sing abroad, which had gone times Czechoslovakia with a song of Sammy Galea, and with The Call with music by Mro.Paul Abela and words by Ray Mahoney that in Malta had finished in second place in the year 19, also sung in Bulgaria and Germany.

In 1982 she was part of the main cast of the great work of Paul Abela and Ray Mahoney of the Rock Opera Ġensna (Our People) this work was attracted to several audence to attented for several rappresentations, held in the Mediterranean Conference, at Valletta besides that, others shows was presented at Haġar Qim Temples and even, this work was resumed agian in 2009. held again as a concert at the Mediterranean Conference and Catherine was also there with almost the orginal also, and recent f' 2014.

Another show was made, this time with different rock version, and with young talent singers, at the MFCC, Ta' Qali although the original cast was also presented as appreciation.

Shortly after this success of Ġensna Catherine had the opportunity to go sing in Sicily, where she sings in many Night Clubs at the evenings, in addition Sicily sometimes also she went to sing in various locations throughout Italy, mostly in Milan where even had the occasion meet several personalities including Bobby Solo, Mro.Cupisti, Pippo Baudo and director of the orchestra Mro.Cupisti, who give a lot of help with his various contacts. This adventure lasted some seven years in Italy, until after Catherine returned to Malta.

Today Catherine although in present she is not working in hotels, and also active in the festivals, but from time to time she got some occasionally we see it in an interview on a television program, and even take part in an evening when she was invited.