Carlo Borg Bonaci

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Carlo Borg Bonaci is a Maltese Broadcaster, Radio and Tv personality. He was born in Hamrun and lives in Iklin. He is married with two children. He was educated at St. Joseph's School, Blata l-Bajda and St. Augustine College, Malta.


Carlo Borg Bonaci started off at Radju_Malta and moved on to Bay Radio. He joined XFM 100.2 followed by short period at Radio_101.

Since 2011, Carlo has been at the PBS taking over Magic Malta’s Breakfast Show plus carrying the responsibility of the coordination of all three radio stations which form part of the company’s portfolio.

Late in the 1990s he was introduced to television and since then he hosted and produced a long string of game shows/quizzes and other shows related to Art & Culture.

He is heavily involved with organisation of the annual Malta Music Awards and is a frequent host of various event celebrations and award ceremonies in Malta